Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Twisted Chapel

In the pulpit this morning is the Rev. Bob -- raising the roof and lowering the standards of people everywhere. Give a little listen and, should you feel the urge to begin speaking in tongues, why, go right ahead. Nobody's gonna think any less (or more) of you because of it.

Happy Sunday!


/t. said...

of wisdom
as we start
another week --

thank you, serena, thank you very much
bless you, serena, bless you very much


Corn Dog said...

Be a tuna...ha ha ha ha
Did you see that little guy in the lower right corner that did the errant backflip? Oh man.

VE said... sounds just like my senior management meetings at work!

Oh, and you can get a serious amount of tic-tac-toe games out of that jacket, shirt, and tie combo. Just saying....

Charles said...

Tune wieder? Ich kann nicht stimmen in der ersten Zeit. Ich verdanke von gestern, wieder. Ich denke, ich werde dies tun.

Charles said...

I'm told by GT, that held a meaning similar to:
Tune again? I can't tune in the first time. I owe for yesterday, again. I guess I'll go do that.

Serena Joy said...

You're quite welcome, and thank you for the blessing, Father /t.:)

CD, you're liable to see and hear just about anything in a Rev. Bob video. LOL.

Yeah, VE, he'd make a good tic-tac-toe board. I think he'd be more fun to pin the tail on, though. I'm pretty sure I could see him through any blindfold.:)

Charles? Are you working German Voodoo on me?:) Danke for making up for yesterday.

Charles said...

Voodoo? I don't do voodoo, I've been told that stuff comes back to you, seven times. I can't afford anymore bad stuff than I get just from the randomness of the universe.
"[...]begin speaking in tongues, why, go right ahead" is where that came from. Google Translate is a wondrous thing.
Besides, voodoo isn't all that mysterious, its based on drugs and psychological trickery (maybe a some coincidence, too.)
If I were to attempt any of that stuff, it will be for good, never ever evil. Seven times good would be a really good thing.

Romulus Crowe said...

Technobobolology? So that's how it's done! It's so simple, now he points it out. All we need is technobobolology.

I just wish he'd rehearse his speeches a couple of times. Unless it's meant to sound like random babble?

G-Man said...

I can't hear the Rev.
Some day I'll buy a sound card
When will that day be?

Silence is golden...
So are 'some' showers!!

What a Maroon!!!


Serena Joy said...

7's my lucky number, Charles.:-)

Yes, RC, I'm pretty sure that the technobobolology is intended to sound like random babble.:)

I know you couldn't hear it, Galen. You gotta get a new computer. Soon! You're missing so much STUFF. Even the maroon stuff is too good to be missing.

NYD said...

I believe the future is coming and bringing Bob with it. I fear the future.