Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday's Child: Is A Wiseass

It's Wednesday, kids. Hump Day. Hump. Day. Middle of the week. If you've gotten this far into the week, you are to be congratulated for you've cleared the hump in the middle of it. Happy Hump Day!

Since we're over the hurdle in the middle of the week and coasting downhill now, I thought it might be fun to do a Wednesday Meme.

10 words that describe you.

Mine own answers:

1) Irreverent
2) Responsible
3) Creative
4) Open-minded
5) Fair
6) Warped, eclectic sense of humor
7) Sentimental
8) Passionate about the things I love
9) Laid-back
10) Independent

I won't do any tagging. Answer in Comments if you wish and/or take the Meme to your own blog, as is your wont.

Those wacky Words Gone Wild are being wiseasses today. Let's see what TWISTED LINGUISTICS can make of them.

shrumk - A skunk when it comes out of the dryer.

depreciating my forum - Whatever small worth your forum had before, it's less now.

poppoing - The opposite of bob-boing.

sdaly - When your skin develops scales after an illicit dalliance.

put a steak through his heart - Getting a head start on coronary artery disease.

reap what they sew - Hoeing up all the tossed-out clothes.

"Words" from the keyboard of our "editor" person:

Good ridance - Complimenting one on a style of dancing called "Ri."

hurts you're feelings - Feelings, you are hurting me.

possie - Possibly, a poor cat.


Queenie said...

Ten good answers. Have you had snow???? Forcast is minus 4 here tonight...

ThatGreenyFlower said...

I don't think I can come up with 10 words that describe me. I might be completely wrong with each one! How one is perceived and how one FEELS are two very different things sometimes, and my feelings are fair distant from people's perceptions of me, I think.

Charles said...

1) Honest
2) Creative
3) Intelligent
4) Independent
5) Loyal
6) Thoughtful
7) Fugal
8) Cautious
9) Right
10) Wrong

Well that's 10 of them, there's plenty more to describe me too, but those aren't ones you'd hear outside of a bar.

Serena Joy said...

Oooo, yikes, Queenie, that is COLD! No snow here yet. In fact, it's quite warm today.

Greeny, I took it to mean the words should describe how YOU perceive YOURSELF. It's okay, though, babe; you don't have to do it.:)

All very good adjectives, Charles. When we get right down to it, it's hard to choose the ultimate 10, isn't it?

Roxan said...

8.Beotch, with attitude

Charles said...

hehehe, fugal haha, I crack myself up

Serena Joy said...

Yeah, I'd say those all describe you pretty well, Roxan. I wouldn't call you a beotch, though. Never!:)

LOL, Charles. I knew what you meant.:)

Pink said...

Its flippin freezin' over here. Whats this nonsense about global warming. It feels like bloody global freezing!

But you know that snowman? I did him in an S&M club in New York a few years ago. Darn near strangled his snowballs with my skillful ropeplay!


Pinks (gone bad)

Serena Joy said...

It'll probably feel like global freezing here tomorrow, Pink. I think the temperature's going to drop about 20 degrees.

Boy, that snowman gets around. I rolled him 'til he melted. Must have been after you got hold of him.:-)

snowelf said...

I think you defined yourself perfectly!! :)

Mine are:

1. Kind-hearted
2. Comical
3. Respectful
4. Bottle stuff up
5. Hopeless romantic
6. Passive
7. Playful
8. Quick-from my thinking to my actions
9. Giving
10. Appreciative

Happy Wednesday!! :)


ThatGreenyFlower said...

tall fair caregiver
outspoken iconoclast
fandango dancer mama

Serena Joy said...

Snow, I can readily see all of those qualities in you. Happy Wednesday to you, too, sweetie.:)

Greeny, I've seen all of those qualities in you as well. Except maybe for the fandango dancing. Fandango?! Really? This calls for a story, my dear.:)

G-Man said...

7)Wears my Heart on my Sleeve
9)Speaks before thinking
10)Mr. Knowitall
11)Fascinated by Red-Heads!!
12)Obsessed by Red-Heads
13)Obsessed by Intelligent Creative Laid-Back Independant Irreverent Fair Open-Minded Responsble Sentimental Passionate Hot...Southern-Belles!!!


ThatGreenyFlower said...

Allow me to explain:

I took some poetic liberties. I deliberately put "fandango" and "dancing" next to each other in my little word collage, but I didn't hyphenate them--they are being (deceptively) separately. "Fandango," as I understand it, can be used to mean all sorts of goofy behavior, physical antics, and so on. And while I'm no fandango dancer, I do dance...a lot.

So I pulled a fast one on you, lady.

ThatGreenyFlower said..., they are being used (deceptively) separately.

Serena Joy said...

G-man, I can certainly see qualities #1 through #10 in you. #s 11 through 13 warrant further investigation, I think. I think most people would run like hell from irreverent redheaded Southern women. Therefore, I believe you should add "brave" to your list.:-)

Serena Joy said...

Ahhhh, I see, Greeny. I'll bet you CAN dance the fandango, though, and quite prettily.:)

Hale McKay said...

Not necessarily in order

-1) Stubborn
-2) Compassionate
-3) Inquisitive
-4) Creative
-5) Humorous
-6) Sarcastic
-7) Intelligent
-8) Artistic
-9) Helpful
10) Introverted*

*Yes, I am a little on the shy side until I get to know people. I'm sometimes thought to be stand-offish and un-neighborly.

Man, this was hard to come up with 10 descriptive words and remain perfectly honest at the same time.

Serena Joy said...

I, too, am a bit on the shy/introverted side with people I don't know well. It's hard coming up with 10, and only 10, words, but you made a good list, Mike. I should have had "stubborn" on mine.:)

Palm Springs Savant said...

good ones. Can I just tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog every day?

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Rick, and thank you for enjoying the blog. I've been so pressed for time that I've been remiss in reading and catching up on all the blogs I enjoy -- like yours! I'll get caught up soon.