Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Playing With Fire...

...can be hot sometimes, and that's a good thing. But when you're talking about hot, as in HOT, as in just plain H-O-T, it's nothing but miserable and draining.

It's as hot as at least the upper depths of Hades here. I guess you can't really fry an egg on the sidewalk, but I wouldn't swear to it. I haven't put it to the test. What I do know is that we're enveloped in a hazy miasma of record-breaking heat. Yesterday's humid, 93-degree temperature broke the previous record of 86 degrees set back in 1962. And the 1958 record for this date (also 86) is slated to be broken today. It's October, and I'm still in Summer clothes with naked feet.

We're supposed to have a cold front en route which will drop the temps to the 60s by Thursday or so -- but I'll believe it when I see it. And even if it happens, what's to guarantee that it's not short-lived? I've been in flannel nighties under blankets several times over the past few weeks, but the heat always returns. It's been 70 at Christmas here before. If it's 80 or 90 this year, I swear I'm moving to Greenland -- where it might be only 70.

I don't know whether this unholy heat is evidence of global warming, naturally occurring climatic fluctuations, or Vikings plotting to sack the place. I don't care -- except for the possibility of Vikings (they can be rough and uncouth). All I know is that I'm really sick and tired of hot and am longing for some genuine Fall weather. If I have to be conquered by Vikings to get it, so be it. I want to wear some long sleeves, for God's sake. Is that too much to ask?

TWISTED LINGUISTICS picked up these Words Gone Wild today but is too damned hot and sweaty to define them. Have at them. Please!

A gilr inherites

All I can say to this test result is, "Ha-ha!"

Your Hair Should Be Red

Passionate, fiery, and sassy.
You're a total smart aleck who's got the biggest personality around.


G-Man said...

Vikings..? Galen the Large here to ravage...er rescue Serena the Red from this oppressing heat! Michigan would be a fine land for such a Fair-Skinned Vixen such as yourself to reside and relax in..
God I love your Blog..

Serena Joy said...

Rescue. Ahhhhh. As long as I can trust Galen the Large not to plunder my plastic beads and charm bracelets, Vikings might not be a bad thing. They don't have miasmas, do they? I love your blog, too, but I'm still waiting to see you in Viking get-up.:-)

ThatGreenyFlower said...

BWA! My inner hair color is orange: Expressive, deep, and one of a kind. You pull off "weird" well - hardly anyone notices.

My outer hair color is a variation of orange, so I am really resonating with this one.

You know, it's effing hot here, too. Humid and oppressing, everyone hangs limply on their own skeletons. Thank heaven for air conditioning.

Fall is acumen in, lhude sing crow. Hang in there, baby. You're going to have to change your toenails to some sort of warm autumnal hue pretty soon.

snowelf said...

I'm sending you some cooler weather asap!! It's already too cold for me here. I bought a hat, scarf, and mittens over the weekend cause it was too cute to pass up and I wish I had brought them to school this morning!

Galen would make an AWESOME viking!!


Roxan said...

I must making a shopping list for orange hair dye. LOL

Serena Joy said...

I'm envious of your "orange," Greeny. I'm up for anything that allows me to pull off "weird." LOL. I imagine it might even be a little hotter where you are. Just keep the AC cranked up. That's about all we can do. I did my toenails, BTW, yesterday. It didn't help.:)

Snow, I'd kill for some of your scarf and mitten weather right now. You're actually WEARING them already? Wow! I know, Galen would make a splendid Viking.:)

LOL, Roxan. Try it, though; you might like it. Hey, you never know.:)

VE said...

Well if you're going to have Vikings over, don't piss them off and serve Irish beer!

Charles said...

Hahaha. Love the caption. The egg's kind of making me hungry though.
One guy I used to work with, swore that Atlanta sat right over the dome of Hell. Our temperatures are pretty normal, but not quite as high as your's.

guillable- What Daffy Duck is to Elmer Fudd.
"Well, the boboqwue is fiwed up and now I just need that guillable duck."

calenday- Yarborough & Doris.
profection- More Fudd speak.
"Then I'll soive him with duck sauce, the meal will be profection."

usally- More Fudd speak.
probly- More Fudd speak.
A gilr inherites- Sushi Chef ritual.
apperciate- More Fudd speak.

GOSH. Are you surfing the WB cartoon sites?

Your Hair Should Be Purple
Intense, thoughtful, and unconventional.
You're always philosophizing and inspiring others with your insights.
Yeah, riiiight, I'm going to dye my hair purple. When pigs are capable of flying without aid.

It's funny that if you dye your hair, in a couple of weeks you'll have red roots.

Serena Joy said...

I wouldn't dream of it, VE. No, I'd give them mead or ale strong enough to grow hair on their chests (to replace what the heat around here burned off). Or maybe ... Diet Coke, so the sacking and plundering wouldn't be as bad.:-)

I never heard that about Atlanta, Charles, but I've heard it said about other places. "Portals to hell" is an interesting concept, I think. If there are ley lines, why not?

I loved that picture, too -- which is why I had to write a post to wrap around it.:) You're on a roll with these definitions -- good stuff! Pigs can't fly without aid? When did that happen?:-) Shoot, I'd dye my hair purple if I thought it would be inspirational.

Charles said...

I'm on a roll? I must have been guillable, too.

MONA said...

I saw that picture some time ago.. It is cute :)

It IS really warm up there. I see everyone complaining on their blogs about the heat!

We have a warm October too, But I guess it is soon about to be over as there has been a blizzard in the mountains at the foothills of Himalayas. So we can hope for some respite!

Anonymous said...

Come for a visit SJ. It's barely in the 50s here! and cooling daily.

I got the orange hair too. Really, I should have seen that one coming.

Oh, and a Viking can sack me anytime.

(and I might just write a timetravel so I can use that line.)

Kanrei said...

Upper 70's with a breeze. Ahhhhh....

Your Hair Should Be Purple

Intense, thoughtful, and unconventional.
You're always philosophizing and inspiring others with your insights.

Serena Joy said...

If you're guillable, Charles, and you see somebody with matches -- run!:-)

Wow, blizzards in the mountains already, Mona? I hope you're not in for a rough winter there.

I just might take you up on that, Seeley. I could really go for some 50s right now. I think you and Greeny both would look adorable with orange hair. Yes, there's much to be said for Viking sacking.:-)

Damn it, Kan, how can it be so much cooler there? You're in FLORIDA, for heaven's sake. It should be hotter there. Well, clean that spare room out; I may visit back and forth between you and Seeley. I'm smiling at the image of a little purple-haired lemming.:)

Charles said...

Haha, I just went back and looked at Kan's comment about Jewish vampires. I used to think they hung that pork chop around my neck to make the dog like me. :)

Anonymous said...

well we had a record of 90 yesterday and it only hit 73 today, should only be mid 50's tomorrow...so it's on it's way.:)

Your Hair Should Be White

Classy, stylish, and eloquent.
You've got a way about you that floors everyone you meet.

Serena Joy said...

Mondo weird changes, huh, TC? From 90 to 50 in 2 days is just stupefying to me.

With white hair, I think you'd look like either a British barrister or an escapee from Colonial Williamsburg.:)

Trée said...

SJ, when it gets hot like this just do what I do and take off your clothes. Promise I won't be mad to see a primrose san SJ.

Little Lamb said...

Cooler weather would be so nice.

Pink said...

well over here it is cold and wet.

I could use some of your heat wave and sunshine.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, you don't want to see that, Tr�e. You'd go blind and I'd get arrested for reader abuse.:-)

Cool would indeed feel like heaven right now, Lamby.:)

Pinks, I SO wish I could send you some of this heat. Thankfully, it IS a little cooler today.:)

Charles said...

Little Lamb just wants it cooler, because she always wears wool. Linen and cotton is the key for warm weather.

Serena Joy said...

I've been wearing cotton and linen -- and sweating right through it. Now what?

I'll be so happy when I can wear some wool and pure white fleece like Lamby.:)

Anonymous said...

I think I may have to go with the escapee one because whenever I think of a British barrister I see a guy with a two foot long twirled mustache.lol