Sunday, September 02, 2007

Serena's Twisted Chapel

Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Rev. Bob has a few words for you this fine Sunday morning. Hallelujah. Yeah, boy.

Hey, I forgot to do a next-door Neighbors From Hell update. They were back to court Friday, this time on non-payment of rent. The guy in the downstairs apartment is out -- no ifs, ands, or buts. His girlfriend upstairs, however, told the judge she had the money, just "hadn't had time to pay it." He gave her two hours to pay it and, damn it, she paid up. Now her landlords will be going after her on her falsified application.


Charles said...

Halibaleu-ya. I'm getting to where I'm looking forward to these. The Rev speaks in twisted tongues. He's truly touched by... well, truly touched.

I'm supposing that things have cooled off for you, since I'm not seeing the comments about the insane heat.

I wasn't aware that your NFH problems were actually from separate apartments. Double trouble, sorry it hasn't yet ended.

Roxan said...

Glad there was some good news on the neighbors from hell and hope it gets better. My own neighbors from hell are thinning. One moved out yesterday.
Hoping I'll be the next to move and won't have to wait for the next spawn of the devil to leave. LOL

Serena Joy said...

LOL, Charles. I'm not sure I'd want to be touched by whatever has touched Rev. Bob but, yeah, he is truly touched.:) Things HAVE cooled off. It's wonderful! Yeppers, the NFH took both apartments and turned them into one big happy Home From Hell.:-)

It's baby steps, Roxan, but there's definitely a change in the wind and it's getting better. Glad your NFHs moved out. And I hope you'll have your brand spanking new house soon.:)

G-Man said...

Good Morning Serena Joy!
Of course I can't hear this, but I can talk to you!!!
...oooh better yet, I feel very inspired...

There was a hot Chick named Serena..
That moved like a great ballerina..
But while stumbling afloat,
In her sisters small boat,
She now limps like a pimp, with a gimp!!

Not exactly Robert Frost, but what do you expect for free??

Have a great day Sweetheart, and stay off the leg!!..xoxoxbgxoxoxox

Serena Joy said...

Galen, Galen -- how can I be a pimp if I'm a gimp? LOL. Your twisted poetry (even if it is free) gave me such giggles that I forgot all about the bum knee. Which is a good thing, too, because I just got back from walking acres of shelves at Lowe's. And guess what? Nobody has a damn clue what to do with the damn thing I bought. It's sitting on the front porch, in unassembled damn pieces. Can we all say Tobacco Road?:-)

You have a great day, too, G.

Charles said...

Well, what did you buy? I might have a clue. I can make up a darned good one, anyway. :)

Serena Joy said...

It's an armoire-type thing with shelves for my kitchen. It took the Two Stooges like 20 minutes just to figure out which was the back piece and which were the sides. As soon as the trying to match the hardware up with the holes started, it became apparent that the thing was just going to sit until I can "call someone." LOL.

Charles said...

Ok, its just an idea, but what about looking at the instructions? Or taking photos of the finished product, or just looking for photos, on the net? There's bound to be some source of clues out there.

Charles said...

Try this.

Serena Joy said...

We got a picture and illustrations. We got hugely detailed instructions -- mostly written in English, even. Alas, my entire household goes dyslexic when it comes to "assembly required." On the plus side, the pieces are now laying on the living room floor.:)

Charles said...

The poor doggie, you should stay away from those assembly required projects for the doggie's sake. I'm sure he doesn't enjoy getting dyslexic.

Charles said...

If a doggie is dyslexic, does that mean instead of peeing on a tree, he tries to pee off a tree?

Maybe he starts salivating when you ask him if he wants to go for a klaw.

Is he tempted to wet the floor when you ask him to tu-pis?

What does he think when you tell him to peaks?

Serena Joy said...

The doggie could probably do a better job of it, even if she can't read English.:)

Yes, I think your examples are exactly the things a dyslexic dog would do.:-)

Scary Monster said...

Oh, boy. Thas' right. Me gonna break out all me Monopoly money and send it off to Bob. Me be hopin thet he'll let me join the church of conspicuous consumption and get thechance to STOMP on he show, halibaleu-ya.yeah-boy!

Serena Joy said...

Halibaleu-ya, Scary. Or Halibut. With Chips. Yeah, boy, STOMP on.:)

Anonymous said...

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Serena Joy said...

Halibaleu-ya! Yeah, boy, sounds like /t. is amused.:-)

Corn Dog said...

One neighbor from hell is gone but one to go? Is that the current score. I was hoping they'd all be gone by now. Scum.

Serena Joy said...

One NFH down (by the 10th), and I'm sure his NFH girlfriend will follow pretty closely on his heels.:)