Monday, September 17, 2007

Muddling Along, Singing No Song

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It was an interesting weekend. I attended (and survived) a party. I don't like parties.

Somebody slipped and I became privy to some ridiculously inaccurate information. That's always fun. Not.

One of the Neighbors From Hell moved out. Yay! One of my neighbors wanted me to ride shotgun with her to follow the moving truck and see where NFH went. That quickly devolved into an exercise in how not to conduct covert operations. It turned into way more excitement than I signed on for. Mercy.

I spent some quality time with one of my favorite people. That was nice.

Another weekend slipped by without my working on my WIP. That's not good, but it's not so bad, either, in the grand scheme of things. There's always tomorrow.

OJ's in jail without bail. That seems like a pretty fair karmic turnabout.

The weather turned. Boy, did it! It suddenly turned so chilly that blankets, sweaters, and long pants had to be hauled out. It feels like Fall and, after such a relentlessly hot Summer, this feels nice.

Footnote: Jerry Lewis does his annual telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. What I'd like to know is, when is someone going to put on a telethon for the terminally stupid? I'm serious! These people are everywhere, and they desperately need help. Sometimes all they have to do to wreak havoc is open their mouths. Surely something can be done about for people who drip idiocy from their mouths continually and have no clue how stupid it sounds. The government funds programs for everyone but the stupid. Why not implement training programs for those too intelligence-challenged to function without resorting to prevarication and obfuscation and, yes, plain old stupidity? Wouldn't educating the stupid be more productive than, say, waging war?

Words Gone Wild ran rampant all weekend but never fear, TWISTED LINGUISTICS is on the job.

experinece - Experimenting on the daughters of one's sibling.

emobies - Droopy emoticons.

tragety - A bullet whose path ricocheted with sad consequences.

extreminated - Rubbed out for real and for good.

hope teaters - Baby in search of lunch.

critisism - Critique offered by a sissy.

enegry - The floor is open on what this might be. Any opinions?

I use to - You utilize what, to accomplish what?

my cross to bare - Someone showing off a new tattoo.

And now I have work to do, so I'm off -- heigh-ho!

This quiz is a stupid liar, too. I love Dr Pepper.

You Are Coke

A true original and classic, you represent the best of everything you can offer.
Just the right amount of sweet, just the right amount of energy... you're the life of the party.

Your best soda match: Mountain Dew

Stay away from:Dr Pepper


G-Man said...

Sherry..I would think that you would be Sprite!
Light, sparkling, and quite refreshing!!
I'm like a bottle of Hires Root Beer...
Aged...and full of gas!!
Have a great week sweetie..xoxbgxoxox

Serena Joy said...

I guess root beer's pretty gaseous, but it's still good. Probably adding some ice cream and turning it into a root beer float would cut the gas, don't you think? Why, oh, why are we discussing gas?:-)

Roxan said...

I'm a diet coke. I'm glad you aren't a Dr. Pepper, SJ. I hate Dr. Pepper so I'm glad you aren't one. LOL

snowelf said...

Beware the Dr. Pepper!!!!!!


Serena Joy said...

But girls, I like Dr Pepper. Does this mean I have no taste and am not socially acceptable? LOL.:-)

Kanrei said...

I want details on the NFH following trip.

Serena Joy said...

Well, Kan, suffice it to say that the girl needs to go back and read the entire Nancy Drew series and learn when to stop, when to go, and when to show.:)

Kanrei said...

They busted you after a single block, didn't they?

I don't like today's quiz. It called me "root beer" (yuk!) and told be to avoid Diet Coke. My online soul mate is Diet Coke. This quiz is against me.

Serena Joy said...

Pretty much, Kan. LOL. Girlfriend wasn't giving up, though. Noooooo. She went on by and followed her hunch about where they might go. She was right, and ended up getting us swarmed. Kinda felt like a scene out of 'Deliverance.':)

Gee, Kan, maybe you're Galen's soul mate -- and I'm Roxan's. How's that for a switcheroo?:-)

Kanrei said...

Retards with banjos?
Ned Beatty squeeling?
Oh my!

If we are switching then treat Roxan like a queen.

Hi Galen. My name is Kanrei and I will be your soulmate for the time being until Roxan and I get back on the same page.

Serena Joy said...

Well, there weren't any banjos but there was a little bit of squealing going on. Might have been better with banjos.:-)

I pledge to treat Roxan kindly if she'll also treat her sistah-queen well. And you must be nice to Galen while in this parallel universe of weird soul mates.:)

leelee said...

~~~~~You Are Root Beer
Ultra sweet and innocent, you have a subtle complexity behind your sugary front.
Children love you, but so do high end snobs... when you're brewed right.

Your best soda compatibility match: Dr. Pepper

Stay away from: Diet Coke~~~~

I don't know about ULTRA sweet and innocent..

Serena Joy said...

It's okay, Leelee. Ultra sweet and innocent would rot your teeth out.:) Dang, I hate to hear Diet Coke's getting such a bum rap. I like it.

leelee said...

yeah and I like diet coke!!

Anonymous said...

I so wanted to know where the NFH were going. Did you check the nearest run down trailer park?

You Are 7 Up

Understated and subtle, people warm up to you slowly.
But once they're hooked, they can't imagine going back to anyone else!

Your best soda match: Diet Coke

Stay away from: Mountain Dew


Scary Monster said...

No matter what the blogthingy sez Me refuse to be a mainstream beverage.
Put me down as Dr Browns Cel-Ray tonic, YUM.

Serena- there be a telethon fer dumb folks. It occurs every four years and the spokesman gets to live in splendor and travel the world while planning fer the next performance.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Roxan, we might as well go ahead and admit to all readers here that we're blog twins. Does that mean we get to share Kanrei?

I, too, am a Diet Coke. "And while people may hate your aftertaste, you are seen as a necessary evil." --WTF?

Little Lamb said...

There is so much to comment on.

I love time off - referring to your weekend.

Charles said...

"Somebody slipped and I became privy to some ridiculously inaccurate information."
Ill fitting underwear, huh?

You've got to stop using the acronym "WIP," Galen's getting too old for the excitement. lol

I'm wondering if the warning about Dr Pepper isn't a good idea, I hear he isn't really a doctor and I've been told that he's not what most would consider hot like his name implies.

Scary and I are on some parallel thinking spree here this week. I was thinking along the same lines about the IQ Challenged. But you have to admire that the truly Terminally Stupid, don't need money after they have earned the title.

You Are Root Beer
Ultra sweet and innocent, you have a subtle complexity behind your sugary front.
Children love you, but so do high end snobs... when you're brewed right.

Your best soda compatibility match: Dr. Pepper

Stay away from: Diet Coke

Serena Joy said...

Right on, Leelee!:)

Oh, we got the address, TC. It SHOULD have been a run down trailer park, you're right about that. I feel sorry for their new neighbors. 7-Up's good stuff!:)

I've never had Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray tonic, Scary. What is it? I see what you mean about the current state of Stupid. Perhaps those folks could be guests on the telethon I'd like Jerry to do.:)

See, Greeny? I told you the quiz lied. I've never noticed any Diet Coke after taste. It's okay if you and Roxan share Kanrei. Just remember to take good care of my property.:-)

Time off and weekends are great, Lamby. I hope you had a good weekend, too.:)

Ah, Charles, if only the problem was as simple as bad underwear. That could be solved with a quick trip to the mall. The problem at hand will, alas, require nothing less than brain surgery. I wouldn't worry about Galen. I think he can stand a wee bit of excitement yet. LOL. Excuse me, but I think Dr Pepper is VERY hot. Another root beer person. Heh.:)

Lee said...

I don't think anyone is sorry that O.J. is finally in jail and most would hope that is where he stays... he should've already been in there and then he would have to go back in there again...if you get my drift! ;)

Serena Joy said...

Amen, Lee. Jail is where he belongs.

Hale McKay said...

I don't know about a telethon for dumb people, but the next best thing might be my post for today over at Verbicidal Tendencies, "Is There An Idiot in the House?"

Serena Joy said...

I just saw that, Mike. Looks like a case of like minds today. Perhaps we can find a solution to the idiot problem some time this century. LOL.

Corn Dog said...

Speaking of dumb people - me - I thought Jerry Lewis was dead. If he's still alive, he could do the Telethon for the Stoopid. There was a children's book I used to love to read to my nieces called "The Stupids Step Out." I still love that book, but, alas it is too much like real life.

I'm sorry I was laughing so hard about the covert operation. You are too much like me, Girlfriend. I want to know more and more about the "ridiculously inaccurate information." More. More. More.

Camille Alexa said...

my cross to bare - Someone showing off a new tattoo.

HAH! Love this one!

I'm sure I mentioned before that S has a Dr. Pepper tattoo, right? He's a true fan.

Serena Joy said...

I'm pretty sure Jerry Lewis is still alive, CD. Even when he isn't, I want him to do the Stoopid telethons.:)

Camille, if I'd heard about S's Dr Pepper tat, I'd forgotten so let me just say -- how very cool!:)

puerileuwaite said...

Let's not invest any more effort in educating the stupid. Unfortunately they're already smart enough to vote, as recent evidence will attest.

Serena Joy said...

But Puggy, if we don't do something about the Stoopid menace, they'll take over the world. And God forbid, they'll continue to vote.:)

December/Stacia said...

Lol I wish I had excitement like tailing neighbors going on in my life! I never get to have any fun.

Serena Joy said...

There's another set of NFH yet to move, DQ. Come on down!:)