Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Lollygagging

It's pouring down rain here. I threw open the windows before I went to bed last night so I could hear and smell the rain I knew was coming. To me, rain is like a lullabye. I slept wonderfully. In fact, I didn't get up 'til after 9:00 this morning, which is not like me at all. Apparently, the dog had gotten up much earlier and wasn't at all pleased with my slatternly behavior. She left me a little present.

Some Important Things You Need To Know

* If you're going to have a hot flash, try to do it standing in front of an open freezer where there's a tub of ice cream. And a spoon.

* If you have a hot flash in the car, resist the temptation to let the dog drive while you hang your head out the window and let the wind blow your ears. Cops don't like that.

* Never skinny dip in swamps.

Turning to things serious and important, this news just horrified me.

Federal authorities have broken up a suspected Muslim terrorist cell planning an attack to destroy New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, kill thousands of people and trigger an economic catastrophe by blowing up a jet fuel artery that runs through residential neighborhoods.

One of the four men indicted was quoted as saying the foiled plot would "cause greater destruction than in the September 11 attacks," destroying the airport, killing several thousand people and destroying parts of New York's borough of Queens, where the line runs underground.

One of the suspects, Russell Defreitas, is a U.S. citizen native to Guyana and retired JFK air cargo employee. He would have known the airport's vulnerable areas, the weak links in security, etc. What's more horrifying than the fact that this plan was hatched at all is that there are no doubt plenty more like these guys waiting in the wings, plotting, just waiting to do something equally evil.

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P.S. -- The people have spoken. The funky painting goes.


Anonymous said...

You and Mr. Depp. Send rum now. Good one.

Just stopping by from SW's closed blog.

Anonymous said...
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Trée said...

Ahhh, the smell of rain, nature's air freshener, the gift of life from above. Walking in the summer rain on a hot day is nice too. :-)

Serena Joy said...

Hi, Steve. I hate seeing the "Closed" sign over at Lesia's. I know she's got a lot on her mind and too much on her plate right now. Hopefully, she'll be back.

Yeah, poor Johnny. After a weekend at my house, he needs all the rum he can get.:-)

Walking in the summer rain on a hot day is nice too.

It certainly is, Trée. Nothing smells better than rain on a hot summer day. Pure perfection.

Hale McKay said...

Howdie Nookums

I just spent about a half hour playing catch up on your posts. I haven't a clue how I fell so far behind. I don't like missing the misadventures of Boudreaux.

I heard that about the foiled bombers late last night before I fell alseep.

What scares me is how many Muslim sleeper cells there might be out there. How many of them are neighbors and how many are running the convenience stores - just waiting for a coded message.

Serena Joy said...

Heh-heh. I kind of like the name Miss Nookums.:-)

I know what you mean, Mike. We all know the cells are out there, just waiting. Sooner or later, something's going to happen. That knowledge is scary as hell.

Anonymous said...

awww a doggie present, how sweet.:)

It was reported the US citizen has an extreme hatred for the West.
I couldn't help but think how he came to our country for a better life, we opened up our arms and said welcome.
He was able to make a very good living, retire and now he wants to destroy us.
I guarantee the people defending him will say he was being singled out and persecuted for being a muslim.

My cutie name is..

Well I'm off for the day, it's thundering and lightning again so I best unplug this beast.
Have a great day.

tfg said...

I wonder how competent these terrorists really were. I always try to keep in mind who benefits from scaring people.

Roxan said...

I'm skipping the cutesy name. I am not a cutesy name person.
Rain is always good.

Serena Joy said...

Yeah, Mr. Moopsie, nothing like a little doggie present to start the morning off heaving and gagging.:-)

Yes, whatever happens to the man, he'll be treated with kid gloves so as not to offend anyone.

You have a point, T. I'm sure there are those who live in hopes of making a big, spectacular bang. Maybe they'll succeed, maybe they won't. Meanwhile, sure, there are the homegrowns who benefit by using such incidents as an excuse to erode yet one more civil liberty. Without turning this into a political commentary, I think it's even more scary that we let them do it. Baaaah.

Roxan, how do you know you're not a cutesy name type? You might love your new name.:-) Yes, the much-needed rain is lovely.

puerileuwaite said...

I agree with top cat. Well said. Don't like it here? Then get the hell out and go enjoy the "freedom", "acceptance", "stability" and "high quality of life" of a Muslim country.

BTW, I've been through JFK, and thought the terrorists had ALREADY hit that airport during the construction phase. No?

BTW2, I just watched a documentary last night about the actual pirates of the Carribean. It stated that there was NO evidence of treasure EVER having been buried. They always divided it up as they went. So what line did you feed poor Captain Jack, Siren Serena? Fess up woman, or it's the rack for you!

Serena Joy said...

Well said, Pug. Does anyone really think an American charged with a crime (do terrorists call terrorism, terrorism?) in a Muslim country would get the kid-glove treatment? I don't think so! If they hate this country so much, why doesn't their religion consider them hypocrites for living here and reaping all the benefits of Western civilization?

I've heard that about Caribbean pirates. I think there IS real treasure buried somewhere near Ocracoke Island, NC, by Blackbeard. Now that they've found the 'Queen Anne's Revenge,' maybe there will be a clue to where it is.

Okay, I made some sweet promises to Jack and he fell for it. Alas, as time went by, all he could think of was rum. There could be something wrong with that boy. Be gentle with me on the rack.:-)

Charles said...

Hi SJ,
See the presents I get from my pets? No Presents! Why? No Pets. 'Nuff 'bout dat.
As for the Muslims, hey, they're people too, most want the same as we do, to live in peace and security. Its the fanatics, no matter where they are from, what their beliefs, that we should be concerned about. This includes ones from here. I mean its not like we don't have a term "gone postal" and haven't had things like Columbine, and such. People can get crazy. Period. I think it would be better if we didn't treat them as outsiders, and perhaps pulled them closer. Perhaps they would be letting the authorities know about the crazies, instead of resisting our temptation of treating them different.
I too think that there is a political reason for this happening now. It was just a week or two ago I heard similar stories of plans of sabotage, that were known about 2 years ago. Why only now, did it come out? It didn't get played up, so now we hear about this. This is the campaign of terror. Keep people scared, they will be easier to control. They'll back your lame ass schemes.
You want puerileuwaite to be gentle on the rack? Sounds like a tickle fest.
Oh, and I would like to suggest that perhaps the smell of rain on what was a hot summer day smells best. I love it when the rain cools the day.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, poor Charles, having to live without those little pet gifts. LOL.

I hear you on the terrorist threat. You're right, it's the fanatics who are the problem. You're also correct in stating that anyone, from any walk of life, has the potential to pose a threat. We've certainly seen that often enough. There's validity to the timing scenario as well.

Um, I don't think tickling is what Pug had in mind with his rack. I think he intends to try to get information out of me.:-)

Right, rain smells best when it WAS hot but is no more.

Charles said...

What? What other reason would someone restrict a woman's hands and feet? Unless of course someone has black leather in mind (we'll discount that scenario.) Are you telling me you wouldn't talk if you couldn't catch your breath from laughing too much?

Serena Joy said...

Why, I just don't know, Charles. I've never been sent to the rack before. It's quite possible that I could die laughing, though -- especially if it's me they put in the black leather.:-)

littlebirdblue said...

I didn't want to weigh in on the funky painting for fear you or some close loved one was its creator, but...
I think you're making the right decision.

I'm scared of 'dirty bombs'.

Malnurtured Snay said...

So, um, how was Captain Jack's use of his ...

... sword?

G-Man said...

I liked that painting!

Roxan said...

You think I could be cutesy?
Okay here's some cutesy names I came up with on my very own
Tinkerbell-The other white meat.

MXI said...

Candy Yass you are Candy Yass you shall stay. Don't tamper with fate!

December/Stacia said...

Stuff like that is just terrifying. *shivers*

Serena Joy said...

I'm scared of 'em, too, Littlebird -- and of funky paintings.:-)

Snay, the sword had to be confiscated. Too much rum = really bad aim. He almost cut my head off.:)

You liked it g-man?! I could will it to you.:-)

Oh, dear, Roxan. Yowzer!

I suppose you're right, MXI. Once a CY, always a CY.:-)

Scary indeed, December.

Pink said...

I like the idea of the ice cream and the spoon. I don't like the idea of hot flashes.

I do like the increased sexual appetite that comes with the change tho'


You think I need a cuter name?

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

What a life, bombers and hot flashes....
What times we live in... Where do all these crazy people come from?
Why don't they all get together and live in a commune somewhere away, from the rest of us if they hate us so much.
And if they kill us all, what would they do then.. I wonder, would the start hating each other?

I love the smell of rain and wet grass.

Best wishes and peace to the world.


Serena Joy said...

No, Rev. Pinks, I don't think you need a cuter name.:-) Ice cream - good. Ice cream with spoon - better. Hot flashes - sucks a lot. Sexual stuff - I don't know nothin' about that; I'm married.:-)

I don't know where they come from, Annie, or why they do what they do. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just get along?:-)

Charles said...

My buddy and I once had a discussion about starting a school for suicide bombers, it would have a killer comprehensive final exam. But why bother, the government should provide free education.
What we need is instructions on the internet for this, with the safety measures left out.

Charles said...

One of the other problems with the school as business, is eventually the student loan money would dry up, since you know these people would welch on their loans.

Serena Joy said...

LOL, Charles. You're right, you have to look at the big picture here -- no student loans. BAD investment, no return.