Thursday, April 19, 2007

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My blogging friend Leelee has tagged me. The quest is to list 5 -- and ONLY 5 -- blogs that I love. This is a hard, hard quest, because there are so many more than 5 blogs I love and read religiously. I won't tag Leelee since she tagged me (and she already knows I adore her). Man, it took me a LONG time to come up with this pared down list of some of my favorite blogs. In truth, it was pretty much a case of eenie, meenie, miney, mo... You should know that I love every single blog listed in my sidebar, and you should go and read them if you haven't already.

This one, Don't Read This Blog!, is a relatively new discovery, and I like it a lot. JL4 is alternately funny and intuitive, and always relevant.

I love this guy's wit and offbeat humor -- Assclownopolis.

Rubber Corndog is so funny she makes me wet my pants laughing probably more than anybody else I know.

Littlebird Blue is a smart and classy woman whose blog is a veritable playpen for the thinking person.

There's a little bit of everything in the Kanrei Home for Wayward Lemmings, from satire to humor to politics.

All right, that's 5, and the rules say 5. But -- y'all know how I feel about rules. They were just made to be broken, no? Everybody in the sidebar -- like Roxan and Scary Monster and Southern Writer and Pug and Liz and Steve G and Hale McKay and Miss New Orleans and MXI and so many more -- is a favorite and I love them all dearly. Go! See for yourself.
Notes From A Thursday

~ Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech murderer -- Having seen some of the pictures and video he mailed to NBC in between his rampages, two words which best describe him come to mind: Fucking. Lunatic.

~ The average college student may not be able to discern the difference between eccentric and psychotic, but you'd think adults working in academia and health services could.

~ I'm maybe not always such a good judge of character, but I know when something feels hinky, feels off. And when it feels really creepy, you can bet I'm going to err on the side of caution.

~ I still think that what I was stewing about yesterday was, in fact, wrong and not just me, but I'm over it. 'Til next time.

~ It's my jeans day -- stone colored ones, with a pink button-down shirt. I enjoy being a girl. Do not even bother informing me that I haven't been a girl for a very long time. I won't believe you, and I could hurt you (because, after all, better you than me).

~ My dog is sick. She's been listless and uninterested in food since dinner time last night. I know that sometimes dogs, like us, just plain don't feel good, but with the recent pet food nightmare, you can't help but worry. - Create custom images
somewhow - Whoa, that was some kinda hot!

cowardess - Well. This is a new one on me. I can think of two possible definitions. (1) A female coward; (2) A female prison co-administrator.

psycihatric drugs - I'd like to recommend psychedelic drugs for this person. They're much more fun.

innaccuate - Baba Wawa telling somebody they're wrong. - Create custom images
Dear TWIT,

It has came to my attencion that every time I try to post a question about Jamie Farr to the messege boreds, yawl delete it. So maybe you could anwser my question by email. Is Jamie Farrs book selling and is it returnble? Has he done solt 40 copies? Did he bye them hisself? Can you also told me why come yawl delete every link I try to post about other boreds that is telling the strait facks about Putrid Publishing? What are you skeered of? The truth never hurt truthtellers did it? Somebody told me Betty hooks on the side to make ends meet. I don't even wanna think about who's ends shes meeting but is that true? You dont plan to make all your emploees including the arthurs do that do you? I did not sea that in my contrak. And if I did I would then need a gag claws.

What About Jamie?
Dear TWIT,

Excuse me. Hello! Is anybody working there? Yawl ain't not answered my question abowt Jamie Farr yet. If you won't give me a answer I got one word for you -- Rainbow. Boo!

What About Jamie?
Dear WAJ:

Do not take that tone with us. We will answer your questions when we are damn good and ready!As far as Jamie Farr is concerned, he is our biggest supporter. He has brought us many new customers because they figure if he was stup -- uh -- smart enough to sign with Putrid Publishing, they should too.Your use of the word Boo convinces us that you are not feeling well. We certainly hope you get out of the mental facility soon.

AssHat Extraordinarie
Dear AssHat Extra,

I don't know why you have to be so meeeeeeannnnn to me. And cuss me. All I done was aks you a question.So what your tailing me is that Jamie is on the level. OK. Thats good.Thank you yes I am out of the mental home now. I am reddy to recur my writting carrier. If Jamie can do it I can do it. I have a marketing play in my mind that I need you're help with. I want to off myself on a major holliday and then get brung back to life like a mirakle. This will make for grate pubicity. Since I know yawl hepped that guy what died 3 times with that I want too know if you will do me to. I can tell you that I went to the cematary and practised berrial but I did'nt like it so much. Is their another way?I a wait you resplonse.

Dying to be famus
Dear Dying:

We would be more than happy to assist you in your plan to "off yourself." Unfortunately, we no longer allow our authors to return from the dead. If you do this, you will be buried -- along with your book, as it is as dead as you will be -- and never return again.It's a win/win situation. You get publicity and we no longer have to pay you the ridiculously low royalties in the future.Please indicate which major holiday you would like to use. We only have two left -- Groundhog Day or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day -- all other holidays have been booked well in advance. If you would like to schedule for next year, it would require your submitting a new manuscript.Hurry and take advantage of this amazingly effective marketing ploy before our last two slots are taken! When we have received your check for $250.00, (our expenses in getting the word out), you will have fourteen days to submit your method of death and your obituary. If you have any further questions, please read this email again, it's self explanatory and if you can't figure it out, you're an idiot!

The Death Squad


littlebirdblue said...


I happened to get an internet connection today, so I'm considering myself tagged.

Thanks for the shout-out.

(P.S.--is that a new self-photo you've got up? Tres chic.)

Kanrei said...

I tagged you back. =P

Serena Joy said...

Thank goodness you got a connection today, Littlebird. Sucks when you can't get it. Yep, new pic. Thank you, ma'am.

Yes, Kan, tagged again. =P

NYD said...

I see that you have been tagged too. Doesn't surprise me. Looks like a school yard these days. I'm surprised I haven't heard "no tagbacks" yet.

Will comment again once I'm all caught up...

Serena Joy said...

Looks like a school yard these days.

Second childhood, NYD.:) Tag's good, but how come nobody ever wants to play pin the tail on the donkey? Or Blind Man's Bluff?

tfg said...

Thanks. This is high praise indeed.

Serena Joy said...

De nada, T. You earned it.

Lee said...

"Fucking lunatic" is correct. Never have truer words been spoken/written. Cho should have been locked up, receiving the appropriate attention long ago. If anyone is to is the Mental Health System...not the college officials, professors or teachers, nor the police.

Corn Dog said...

Hey thanks for the linky.

December Quinn said...

Oh, poor doggie!

And I agree re the mental health system. I firmly believe one of the reasons e've seen more of these rampages of late is the closure of so many mental health hopsitals in the 60s and early 70s. It's not one individual's fault, but seriously, how many more of these people have to be released from psychiatric care only to go on a shooting spree before we stop talking about gun control and start talking about actually caring for people in trouble?

Anonymous said...

There are so many sick folks out there. We son't hear about most of them until something like this happens again. A pity.

you know who said...

knowing there's no-ing,
ryhme or metaphore -
haikuing is tabooing.

Scary Monster said...

You know, Me didn't like getting tagged.
Me felt all guilty having to choose and all. Like you, me wanted to put everyone on me tag list.
The next time someone tags me. Me hopes it will be to talk about what books me currently be reading or what kind of childhood diseases me had.
Anything but choosing between people.


Serena Joy said...

I know, Lee & December. There's got to be a better way, some kind of system that's more failproof than this.

You're welcome, CD. You've already had me laughing this morning, BTW.

Doggie, BTW, is feeling much better today, December.

It is indeed a pity, Steve. We really need some checks and balances and safeguards to prevent a recurrence.

Dear you know who whose
Surprise haiku lines amuse,
Thank you for your wit.

I know, Scary, it IS hard. TOO hard. It gave me a guilt complex, too, and I don't even do guilt all that well. I think a book tag would be great. You could start one, hint-hint.

Hale McKay said...

As one of those on your blogroll, we all love your blog too!

Serena Joy said...

Wow, it's a love fest.:)