Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday, Muddling Along

I don't like you
But I love you
Seems that I'm always
Thinkin' of you
Oh, ho, ho, you do me wrong now
My love is strong now
You've really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me

~The Beatles, 'You Really Got a Hold On Me'

Are there people you love that you really don't like? People you like but could never love? I've had both types of people in my life. I used to be attracted way too much to the bad boys when I was younger. The relationships weren't sustainable, of course, because there would always come a point when I'd realize that maybe I "loved" the guy but I didn't really like him. It was the chemistry talking, of course. You can't love someone you don't like and respect. Sometimes, what passes for love is fun and dangerously exciting for a time but, ultimately, it's no more fulfilling than a diet of Twinkies and root beer. Why am I telling you this? I have no idea, other than to say that the song suddenly became a firmly embedded earworm last evening and these are the thoughts that came to mind about it.

Moving on...

Studies (allegedly) show that Americans are getting shorter. Whereas Americans used to be among the the tallest people in the world, it's now the Dutch. This probably doesn't bode well since Americans are also gaining ground as some of the world's most obese people.

Ooooh! Kevin Spacey is doing a play just for moi. Okay, maybe not, but from everything I've seen, the play, "A Moon For The Misbegotten," looks fabulous and Miss Begotten wants to see it.

Twisted Linguistics picked up these Words Gone Wild today and wasn't quite sure what to do with them:

It's avout a ganster
hires an investagator
movie deal from Martin Sorese
I'm doing we'll man
hardley anyone
my last manuscrit
I am writing a sequal
great addvice
vote of confedence

It looked very much like the words were begging to tell a story, so we decided to give them their head and let them have at it.

My last manuscrit got a movie deal from Martin Sorese. It's avout a pious ganster who hires an investagator to launder his dirty money and build him a portfolio. He thought the guy was pretty reptillian looking, but he did get some great addvice before the gator turned on him and ate him. When he disappeared, hardley anyone noticed at first. The last his ganster buddies heard from him, he had told them, "I'm doing okay, we'll man the bank next week to rob it." His confederates in crime gave him their vote of confedence but then when he never showed up for the robbery, they thought he had double-crossed them. They looked hard for him, in the grassy pastures, in the 'hood, and everywhere, but he was never seen again.

I am writing a sequal.

Sometimes I worry about the naïfs of the world. But not that much. Yarrr.

Beware: Additional pet food items are being recalled.

Del Monte recalled all pet products made with wheat gluten, including its Jerky Treats, Gravy Train Beef Sticks and Pounce Meaty Morsel

I think Del Monte also makes Kibbles & Bits, which is what my dog eats. It's not on any list -- yet -- but it worries me nonetheless.


MXI said...

I've had many relationships that were alot less fulfilling than twinkies and root beer.

Serena Joy said...

Steak, potatoes, and good wine is much better.:)

tfg said...

That's beauty of dating mail order brides. If I don't like/love them anymore, I just have them deported.

Serena Joy said...

Tough love. But do you have to pay the postage to mail them back?:)

Anonymous said...

Funny. I've had Beatles songs in my head lately too.

Serena Joy said...

I wonder if it's the power of suggestion because we've seen so much of Paul McCartney & Heather Mills lately?

Scary Monster said...

Me thinking that love be unconditional. Me can't help loving some people, but there are those who me don't like and cannot be around 'cause they make me want to


leelee said...

Pedigree is so far NOT on the list...that's what Buster eats..

December Quinn said...

I think anyone with a family is familiar with loving someone but not liking them. :-)

Roxan said...

We pulled quite a few of the bagged wet foods today and cans of Alpo Beef. A lot of store brand dog treats went too.

tfg said...

I don't really deport them. I sell them to Walmart.

Serena Joy said...

It's great to see you back STOMPING among us, Scary. One's love for one's children is unconditional; sometimes not so much for others. Stuff happens.

Leelee, what breed is Buster? I feed my dog Pedigree products, too, since they're not on the list.

I hear you, December. I have family members that I love just because they're family, but find that I don't really like them all that much.

Roxan, I'll bet all these constant recalls are keeping store employees hopping trying to keep them off the shelves. Lord only knows where and when it's going to stop.

LOL, T. Those must be the ones I see standing around looking sullen and daring anyone to ask them a question.

Hale McKay said...

All My Bloggin' ... I will send to you ..

I had a comment .. honest! ..It was recalled.

Serena Joy said...

Blog, blog me do...

You feeling the treat shortage, Mike? LOL.

Corn Dog said...

I love and like Kevin Spacey.


I wish I could have songs in my head. I am so tone and tune deaf.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

I both like and love my spouse, for which I am profoundly grateful. It seems that's not as common as you might think.

I neither like nor love Angelina Jolie, but I have kind of a "thing" for her. I can't explain it. She's like a painting that I could stare at for hours.

Thanks to Scary, I now have "Unconditional Love" (done by some group of children in the 80's) in my head.

Serena Joy said...

I love Kevin, too, CD. It's probably just as well that you don't get earworms. They can be mondo annoying, especially when they're like ABBA or Donna Summer. LOL.

Greeny, you're a lucky woman indeed to have a spouse you both like and love. I think most people start out with both (that would be the ideal, anyway), but sometimes things have an unfortunate way of going south after a while.

I don't think I know that song, and something tells me I'm better off not knowing it. LOL.

JL4 said...

But what if you LOVE root beer and twinkies?

Oh my, THAT would be a predicament, wouldn't it?

Serena Joy said...

It WOULD be a predicament, JL4. Boredom is killer. Therefore, it's recommended that the diet be alternated with a combination of Ho-Hos and Jolt.:)

JL4 said...

They now have "Jolt Plus", for those who still aren't active enough with "jolt".

Why just run around, when you can scale walls in a single-bound?

Jolt Plus...for the active lifestyle

leelee said...

Why he is no breed at

Very mixed breed fluffy long hair white eff'n adorable. 50 lbs..and will be 15 in June!

He is eatng puppy food now cuz it seems easier for him to digest.

Do they still make Ho - Ho's?

I haven't stopped or browsed the snack cake aisle in a long's too dangerous.

Serena Joy said...

Holy Crapman, Bat! Jolt Plus?! I wouldn't mind scaling a few walls, but I do like to sleep every now and then.:)

Buster sounds like a doll, Leelee. My pup's not any "real" breed, either. She's 11 with long black hair, and also very eff'n adorable.

I don't honestly know whether they still make Ho-Hos. There's too much other, much better stuff to eat.:)

littlebirdblue said...

my last manuscrit:

My last manuscrit might as well have been written in Sanskrit inscribed on tektite and buried in Tikrit.

Serena Joy said...

I totally missed the Sanskrit connection, Littlebird. Thank you!