Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mooning My Mood

I've thought (deluded myself) all day that I was immune to the rays of the Foul Moon. Now I'm not so sure. I'm suddenly restless and punchy as hell. I find myself trying to do five things at once, and none of them well. And I don't even want to be doing them. I want to do something else. Trouble is, I don't know what. This ain't good.

Somebody gave me a cashmere sweater for Christmas, which I wore to work today. Now I remember why I own no other cashmere sweaters. I hate it! I was itchy all day from all those little white fuzzies clinging to my black pants, my hair, my eyelashes, up my nose, stuck to my lipstick. Ugh.

I'm suddenly wondering a few things.

- What the hell is wrong with plumbers? I've been waiting on one to come and unclog my drain since Tuesday. All they can tell me is, "You're on the list." If he doesn't show up tomorrow, I'm defecting from the list and calling in someone who'll either show up or have the chutzpah to say he's too busy to come.

- What possesses a woman to go out in public wearing a black bra under a sheer white blouse?

- I saw a latex glove lying on the parking lot this morning. It made me wonder (in an unsettling sort of way) what somebody had been up to. Does that creep you out as much as it did me?

- Can anyone explain to me why I had to scrape ice off my car this morning but had to turn on the AC this afternoon? Do you think Pat Robertson really knows something?

I still don't know what I feel like doing, so screw it, I won't do anything. I'll just blog. And then I'm going to go listen to Leonard Cohen sing "Hallelujah."


RexZeitgiest said...

Maybe the latex glove was used to cealn an oven which had been used to make a meal for poor kids that Oprah just insulted.......Or maybe its was patient #23 of the local proctologist.......

I almost died today, some jerk with road rage tried to run the car in front of me off the road....I missed getting wiped out by less then a foot...

RexZeitgiest said...


Serena Joy said...

That theory might fly if there were any doctors, ovens, or orphans near my office. Since there aren't, I'm imagining someone was doing something icky.:(

Serena Joy said...

Oh! I sent that before I said this, Rex -- Good Lord! That sounds like a mighty close call. Thank God you didn't get wiped out. I'll bet it left you feeling pretty shaky. I know it would have me.

Southern Writer said...

Wow, Rex, glad to see you survived.

I love cashmere, SJ. My favorite dress is a charcoal gray cashmere.

The unrest you're feeling is probably due to the Jupiter - Uranus square that's forming now. It makes us restless and impatient and to seek changes just for the sake of something, anything being different. Someone else complained about it to me today, too. It's not over until the third of February, when Mars will sextile Uranus and bring an opportunity to implement some changes that can do some good. Hang in there. If you must change something, make it a small change unlikely to have long-term effects.

Serena Joy said...

Cashmere's very pretty, Lesia. And I'll bet you look great in the dress. I'm probably not going to wear the sweater much, though. I don't like wool sweaters, either -- maybe because it doesn't take much to break me out in hives. I love my cotton sweaters.

So, Jupiter and Uranus are responsible for this sudden funk? I'm going to have to make my peace with them. I don't want to feel this restless 'til February. Believe me, I'll slap my own hands before making any big changes. I learned that the hard way.:)

Corn Dog said...

You find gloves. I find used condoms in my neighborhood. There is no way anyone was doing the wild thing parked on my street. Too many lights and too many people. They must have done a drive by and thrown it out. GAK!

The thing I really don't get are the shoes. Just one of them. Why?

Cashmere and I are not friends. Wool gives me hives. Only cotton and I are friendly along with a little polyster. And if it says "dry clean only," it might as well be on a rocket to mars because it's never going to enter my house.

Serena Joy said...

GAK! is right, CD. They start throwing used condoms out the windows in my neighborhood, I'm moving.

Aren't those single shoes in the road freaky?! I see that all the time, and wonder the same thing -- why? Did somebody in the car pull somebody's shoes off and toss them? Was somebody's foot hanging out the window and the shoe fell off? Was some creepo driving down the road disposing of evidence? Freaky deaky.

I'm with you on the dry cleaning. If it's not washable, I don't buy it -- unless it's something I just can't resist. Lot's of things that say 'Dry Clean Only' really aren't, though. I hand wash a lot of that stuff with no problem.

Liz said...

I wash most dry-clean things. In the machine.

What puzzles me is that cotton t-shirts bought in this country (UK) always say Do Not Tumble-dry; if you get a cotton t-shirt from the US, it welcomes tumbling. I have a theory that Americans use their tumble-dryers more and insist on clothes being tumble-dryable.

Best not to think about latex gloves. Urghh.

Odd shoes are weird. Children's shoes (little ones) you can understand getting dropped off and lost but adults'?

It is horrible when you can't settle and don't know why. I usually blame it on my hormones - responsible for most things in my life. I certainly hope you give the moon a good talking-to, Serena.

Cashmere - I don't think I have anything made of that. I find wool itchy too but I thought cashmere was supposed to be soft?

I keep trying to encourage the Son to do a plumbing course: a good one is like gold.

Anonymous said...

The glove belonged to a one armed guy and he didn't need it. Probably tossed it out after buying it. Well, perhaps not.

Roxan said...

Maybe there was a proctology emergency in the neighborhood. :)

Kanrei said...

The glove belonged to a one armed guy and he didn't need it.

How does a one armed man put on a rubber glove?

Serena Joy said...

Liz, cashmere is indeed very soft. Alas, it's just one of those things -- like angora -- that make me itch. I'd ignore those labels in cotton tees that say don't tumble. Cotton was born to tumble.

Nuh-uh, Roxan. The proctology emergency is somewhere else. The head is royally stuck. Where IS that proctologist?:)

Kan, he does so with great difficulty.