Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cups & Robbers

Do you have "special" cups? I do. It was bitter cold and windy last night, so I got out my oversized hot chocolate cup. It's green and has snowmen and polar bears on it. I like my coffee in my blue glass mugs, or my navy blue ceramic mug at work. There's no rhyme or reason to it, I know, but I won't drink coffee out of white cups if I can avoid it. Hot tea, I want in my good china cups.

My local news reporters are driving me insane. There's an anchor at one station who squeals the news like she thinks she's performing in her class play. She's beyond annoying. The field reporters for both local stations can't seem to stand still. They bob their heads around and gyrate manically. Sometimes they gesticulate so wildly you'd think they have Tourette's or something. I saw one last night who was whipping herself around so vigorously I was afraid she was going to get whiplash. Why do they do that? Do they perceive it as part of emoting? But that begs the question, why is it necessary to emote the news? Just sit or stand still like a normal person and tell us what happened. That's all we want.

Speaking of local news, the police department is up in arms over a MySpace page set up by some punk to out "snitches." Allegedly, the page has a theme of flashing sirens, a police car, and Stop signs that warn "Stop Snitching," with a Public Enemy song playing in the background. The site's "mission statement" is to "identify any 'rat' who gives authorities incriminating information on someone else." On the page are posted photos of the police chief and names and photos of alleged police informants. Nobody's been hurt as a direct result of this site. Yet. I'm all for free speech, but I believe something like that sets a dangerous precedent. Just because you can say a thing doesn't mean you should. Is this an incidence of simply pushing the envelope, or is it something else? It doesn't speak well of MySpace that not even the police department can elicit a response from them regarding shutting/toning it down. Fortunately, police agencies have become very savvy insofar as finding out who is doing what in cyberspace. They know who it is and where they are a large percentage of the time, but they don't have the capacity to actually yank a site. That requires the cooperation of the host site. I would think that even MySpace would find this "snitch" site repugnant. Time will tell.

We can and will do something about bad words. These guys were sentenced to Twisted Linguistics hell today.

figue - When a fig blanks out.

proferssional - One who drinks full-time as opposed to occasionally.

Thanbk - What one says while falling to the floor after being thunked.

comapny - When comeuppance comes in the form of ceasing to breathe while sleeping.

Are you brave enough to place a value on your life?

Your Life Is Worth...



Anonymous said...

I have to admit, that I was tempted at one time to try myspace. some people swear by it, but I decided it's not for me. Enough keeping a blog running. Stop by Moristottle's and take his survey. I know he would appreciat it.

Roxan said...

I have a very special cup. Reminds me of who I am. It says Bitch Bitch Bitch. LOL

I'm worth $560,000 which is okay with me and I'll be applying for a loan with this information on Monday at the bank. LMAO

Serena Joy said...

Where'd you get your Bitch cup? I want one.:)

Roxan said...

My daughter gave it to me. Not sure where she got it.

Hale McKay said...

My favorite cup is a clear glass one with with 1/4-inch square etchins over its ineer surface. I use it to measure how much water, milk, etc. A perfect cup - to my liking everytime. LOL

Another reason that Myspace is so maligned. Ironic that it discourages nudity, yet welcomes a site that snitches.

Hale McKay said...

etchins = etchings

ineer = inner

Prime candidates for your Twisted Linguistics.

Corn Dog said...

$542,500 - a half mill. Yippee! MySpace is a weird little dance I'm not willing to go to.

Serena Joy said...

Roxan, I'll just have to Google bitch cups and see what I can find.:)

Mike, that sounds like a measuring cup. LOL. Hey, you must not have seen MySpace recently; it's full of nudie pix. One of our local weathermen got fired last month over a nude MySpace photo. I forgot to mention in my post that that 'snitch' site, owned by a 26-year-old local punk who bills himself as a 'rat killer,' also includes a tutorial for cooking crack. Classy, classy stuff.:(

CD, who knew we were worth such big bucks? LOL.

littlebirdblue said...

***Your Life Is Worth...***


Wow. If only I were more open and got enough sleep.

Serena Joy said...

If only I were more open and got enough sleep.

Then you would have it all, and we simply cannot have that. LOL.

Liz said...

The BBC recently (well, in the last year or so - I usually listen to news rather than watch it) have stood up their news persenters. So they stand together, one speaking, the other looking, and wave their hands about.

Then you have the reporter with the Powerpoint-type presentation. News for Dummies. They say a sentence then it appears on the screen:
10% of people do this blah blah

Now you've started me!

Daughter bought me an 'Away with the fairies' cup.