Sunday, December 24, 2006

Smelly Puppy

Okay, I'm going to tell you the full story of what happened with the dog. I'm warning you now -- if you have a weak stomach, you'd best skip on over this tale.

I went to let the dog back in this morning when I noticed that, uh-oh, she must have had diarrhea. Let's just say her hindquarters were a mess and leave it at that. The husband wasn't here, so I just left her outside 'til he could get back and help me figure out what to do. All I knew was that I couldn't possibly let her into my freshly cleaned house like that. Husband gets back, and we take a pack of baby wipes outside and go to work on her. That helps a little; but not all that much. So we brought her inside and he held her down while I went to work on her butt with soap and water and paper towels. Let me just say I was gagging all the while, not a jingle bell in sight. Next, it was decided that it was necessary to perform an emergency haircut. I barbered her behind, which I'm sure the groomer will have something to say about next time he sees her. She looked pretty funky when I finished, but the unsightly stinkiness was gone. To finish off the operation, I sprayed her butt with a nice-smelling cologne. I'm sure the company must have wondered why my dog's posterior end smelled like Lagerfeld but, hey, it beat the alternative. What a way to start off a Christmas Eve, huh?

Today's company has been, been fed and given drinks (enough drinks that they didn't notice anything odd about the dog), and are now gone. I'm really, really hoping not to have a rerun of this problem tomorrow, when LOTS of people are coming.

Husband got a very nice gift from my stepson-in-law -- the flag, folded and encased in glass, that his unit flew over Baghdad. He just returned stateside last week and will remain in the U.S. for about a year before he'll have to return to Iraq.

I've said it before but it bears repeating -- Merry Christmas to you all!


Anonymous said...

Poor dog. Poor Serena. Glad you got him cleaned up for Christmas. Have a grand day.

Kanrei said...

That is going around it seems. I was at my friend's house yesterday and both their dogs were having the same issues. I think there was a puppy memo or something.

It sounds like you had an awesome Christmas, but I am confused about the tomorrow being more people thing. Are you Canadian? Boxing day?

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Steve.:)

My puppy definitely got the memo, Kan. Her tummy seems to still be upset; throwing up today. If this keeps up, I guess we'll be paying the vet a visit tomorrow.

When I wrote that yesterday, it was referring to today.

Southern Writer said...

Poor puppy. I hope he feels better. What did he eat? I had no idea your husband is in the service. Glad you get to have him for Christmas. Please pass on my gratitude to him for preserving our freedom. Merry Christmas, SJ.

Liz said...

Been there, done that. Find I am frequently spraying disinfectant on Harvey's bottom!

However this Christmas it has been Daughter and Younger Son who've been spending their time in the toilet. Daughter has been recovering while YS has been proper poorly today. The joys of children and dogs!

Serena Joy said...

Merry Christmas, Lesia! She ate ham. I don't mind her having a bite or two, but hubby gave her TOO MUCH. He's not in the service, our son-in-law is. He's the one who gave hubby the flag.

Liz, so sorry your kids are suffering with upset tummies. Harvey might like to commiserate with my pup on the ignominy of disinfected, perfumed behinds. LOL.

Sambian said...

a deep dip in community swimming pool would've cleared it ;)

Corn Dog said...

Poor Pup. I hope your dog is better. I have discovered the same with my two. They can't digest ham. At least you got her all cleaned up and spritzed with cologne. I was laughing. Sounds like what goes on at my house.

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Corn Dog. She seems to be fully recovered now. There's always something going on around here; dogs are like extra-wayward children. Well, I'm not telling you anything you don't know; you have dogs.:)