Saturday, December 16, 2006

Joyeux Noël

I've been listening to some of my favorite Christmas music today -- Cajun. That's right, Cajun Christmas music. I absolutely love it. My favorite CD is probably one called simply "Alligator Stomp." I got my first taste of that in New Orleans and, when I wore that CD out, I was able to order a replacement -- and the subsequent volumes -- from You can hear some really excellent exemplar clips here:

It's festive, foot-stomping, feel-good, jolly good rockin' music. When I have holiday guests and put the Cajun stuff on, everybody starts dancing. It's the darndest thing. Whether they're in the kitchen, living room, dining room, whatever, they hear that music and they have to dance. As do I. There's just no way you can NOT dance to it. It's that kind of music.

Also, while it's not Cajun, it's not Christmas without the sounds of Aaron Neville and Harry Connick, Jr. Something happened before I was born and some wires somehow got crossed. I was supposed to have been born in Louisiana. I just know it.

My dog is getting a -- are you ready for this? -- gingerbread house for Christmas. I already had her stocking hung, but the husband came in yesterday with this "gingerbread" house.

It's made of rawhide, of course. She's going to love biting into that.

I'm cleaning today. I can't have company dropping in and seeing how I really live. Sometimes, a façade is a good thing to have.

We have, of course, (and you would have expected nothing less) shoved some of our other duties aside and gone cruising for Words Gone Wild. Here's what we rounded up:

can't get pass it
I mive a lot of money
the got hte deal onthe condo through; wide threw em out
sweeden to singapour

Vi was a disingeniouse type of girl who just wanted everybody to like her. Hionest. She also just wanted to have some fun. She'd tell her friends, "I mive a lot of money, so I throw a lot of wide parties. The neighbors weren't happy so there was this campaing to the got hte deal onthe condo through; wide threw em out."

After she got thrown out of the condo, she decided to leave colleg and party from Sweeden to Singapour. Her whole life story as it was immerging would have to be rewriten after that one night with the Sweed who was hosting a balloon-animals party and asked for her help. Poor Vi a-blw and she blw, but she couldn't get enough air into the balloons. Instead, she blw 'til she passed out and fell on her hione. She couldn't get pass it, the embarrassment derivitive of her lack of stamina, so she went back to colleg and found a job which allowed her to sing and pour at the same time.


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

You have excellent taste in music. :)

Laurie said...

I've been having trouble with Blogger today and comments either post a bazillion times or not at all. Feel free to permanently delete my first partial comment up there. :P

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Laurie. As a Cajun girl, you probably have that same CD. Am I right?

Sorry about your Blogger problems. If they don't clean up their act, somebody's gonna do a Blogger Sucks blog. LOL.

RexZeitgiest said...

Love Cajun, cajun gumbo.....If I ever went to New Orelans or there abouts, I would most likely fall in love with the music.....

My cat is getting another day of warmth and food for christmas...I sude to but gifts for my pets, but this cat like a rolled up peice of paper much more then a store bought toys.....She's a cheap date....

Serena Joy said...

Heh. There's something to be said for cheap dates. LOL.

It used to be that wherever you went in New Orleans, there was music. It was infectious, and there was just nothing like it anywhere else. I don't know if that's still true post-Katrina. If it hasn't come back yet, I'm sure it will. I hope so, anyway.

Anonymous said...

You have a lucky dog. Hope he chews the hell out of it. Cajun is okay, but I like Zydeco.

Serena Joy said...

She's going to have herself a chewing good time, Steve. Hey, I like Zydeco, too.:)

Hale McKay said...

Like Laurie, yesterday trying to post comments was like pulling teeth - without a dentist. I too was getting either dupes or nothing.

We get those rawhide ginger bread houses for our two dogs every year. It keeps them occupied well into the New Year.

Kanrei said...


I am no longer surprised by anything I find here =P
That house is awesome. My cats are getting their favorite thing in the world this year: a crumbled piece of paper.

No matter what toys or treats I buy them, they still go into the trash and get a thrown out piece of paper or they have a stash hidden somewhere in the house. They love the damn things and I have no idea why, but this year I am doing to let them keep them instead of throwing them out.

Serena Joy said...

Mike, this Bad Blogger Ju-ju is maddening. I have problems commenting to my own blog. Sometimes it takes me five minutes just to get a Comment screen. Something's got to give.

Looking at the size of the gingerbread house, I expect my pup will be chewing into the New Year, too. What size dogs do you have?

Serena Joy said...

Ahhh, Grasshopper, Kanrei -- you're learning. When I fail to surprise, I might as well, ahem, chuck it.

You're going to give your cats paper? Unh-unh, won't work. Your act of giving in and granting permission removes the mystique; therefore, they won't want it and will proceed to find some other way to annoy you.

Kanrei said...

My cats figured out playing fetch on their own. I threw the paper in the trash and the little f*cker ran after it, got it out of the trash and dropped it at my feet as a kitten. Now, 5 years later, it is still his favorite toy.

Serena Joy said...

Well, all righty, then. Have you considered making the kitty some nice origami mice? He'd probably love that.:)