Friday, November 10, 2006

Pithy Pentameter

I'm about three-quarters of the way through clearing out the space-eating stuff on my hard drive. It sure doesn't take long for heaps of material to accumulate, does it? I stopped about halfway through and switched out the wireless connection on my laptop. I should have gone with that one in the first place; it works ever so much better. Then I took an online break, where, oops, I just stumbled across more Gomerian Grammar in my path. Almost made me twist my funnybone and lose my eyesight, too. This stuff is dangerous.

Where is the places

Here is the All articles

And who ever would have thought that we'd be doing ... Pernicious Poetry? Well. Since I've discovered it exists, no way am I going to leave it alone. Why, these mellifluous syllables are resonating my brain like -- like rotgut hooch.

Observe, all from the same book of poetry (and I'll give you one guess who published it):

thyne lips
thee's eternal bride
thee be thynes only love
unto his hear
hath cause me
Tis shalt be

Notice the elegant meter and stunning alliteration. The likes of Keats and Shelley are no doubt crying in their graves, wishing they'd thought up this radical new approach to verse first.



RexZeitgeist said...

I miss all the stuff of my old computer, I should have downloaded it before I gave it away...

Save what you can!

Serena Joy said...

The space-consuming stuff I've been getting rid of is pictures, old forum topics, old e-mails, etc. I upload a hell of a lot of pics from my camera and don't bother to delete a lot of them. Pictures are notorious memory eaters. And I tend to save stuff that I "might" need to refer to someday. Consequently, I had beaucoup contentious forum discussions from years ago; same with e-mails. All of that stuff had to go.

RexZeitgeist said...

I never thought my old papers on family psychology or astronomy would come in handy, but they would have..

Save your work....Put it to hard drive, because when it is gone, its gone...

Serena Joy said...

Stuff I really want to save, like papers, manuscripts, etc., are saved on both multiple computers and outside servers, so I don't have to worry about that. That's a shame that you lost stuff you needed. Is there any way you can recreate it?

RexZeitgiest said...

Not unless I want to go through 7 years of college again....

Serena Joy said...

Scratch that idea, then. Life's too short. I guess all you can do is remember it fondly from time to time.