Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just Awfull

If Twisted Linguistics gets lifted and slimed, who would know the difference? LOL. Words Gone Wild are on the job today, doing more anti-writing.

The list of detainees:

Fallowing people around to … fallowing a fallower fallowing me behind the person who now, well, not them.
hole hour
makee up

The anti-written story:

On Sunday, Fawl Lowing, known as Tex to his friends, drove his Honday for a hole hour. It was aposed to be a relaxing ride but it was an awfullnight fortex. He was fallowing an illeterate but inveterate writer of pruple prose who couldn’t makee up her modle of a mind about whether she was comited to fallowing a fallower . But in the end, it soesn’t matter. Tex fell into a fortex of doom and was comited to the state hospital for fawllowing too closely behind the pruple writing person who now well. Tex found himself all alone in bedlam, however, as aposed to a full house. It was a fallow wing. None of the awfullnight people would stay fortex. No, not them. And it made Tex fawl low. And we think that was the end.


Kanrei said...

I am going to fallow Tex off the cliff. Two in a row hurt my poor single braincell suffering all alone.

Steve G said...

Nice. I read about your demise over at Moristotle's blog. Sorry to hear it.

Roxan said...

I put the fallow part down exactly as it was written by the original poster.

Reading what you've done with my finds is as much fun as finding them. The site I get these at has banned this person several times and he/she keeps coming back as a new persona. If they ever ban him for good, my treasure trove of words in crisis are gone. LOL

Anonymous said...
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SJ said...

Poor Kan. I have none (brain cells) left, so I don't have to worry about it. LOL. As for you, stay off the cliffs.

SJ said...

Uh-oh, Steve. I didn't realize I'd been demised yet. I'll have to go look. Yay!

SJ said...

Don't worry, Roxan. Even if he gets banned for life, there will always be more where he came from. ROTFL!

SJ said...

One of my fallowing unlucky numbers:

Watch your sites for it.

Southern Writer said...

I hear Mori killed us off, SJ. I haven't had a chance to get there, yet. Was it quick and gory, or did he draw it out and prolong our pain?

Serena Joy said...

Nah, it was pretty quick and painless. And clean. Dead ain't half bad. More people ought to try it. LOL.