Friday, November 17, 2006

...and the Horse You Anti-wrote In On

Our playthings today:

came in the came down
emdediat thoguht
hier leval

Today's Words Gone Bad are courtesy of Roxan. She corralled them. Now it's up to me to see if I can take these Twisted Linguistics and turn them into some kind of warped story. I think I can, I think I can...

There was in one particular place at one particular moment in the history of the world this dangerouse person (at least, it impersonated a female-type person) named Soms who decided she was jealous of an actual person called Misbetton. Why, Misbetton did not know; she had nothing Soms could possibly have wanted. The fact was, Soms was a beast, and its number was That was what rendered it extraordinarily dangerouse.

Anyhow, Soms was a darkly disturbed individual with an extremely poor grasp on reality. She had a bad habbit of stahling Misbetton all over the place, sometimes in aprtnershipo with her soul mate. Okay, her bosom buddy; she had no soul.

In any event, one day they decided, for reasons known only to their own kind, to write a comppendium of gibberish and blame it on someone else. Luckaly for their intentened victims, their scheme was quickly intercepted and quashed. Their emdediat thoguht was one of revenge, because they were possitive they should have gotten away with it and were horribly angry at being thwarted. They came in the came down and were tenuouisness in their dangerouse plot. Still, it came to naught because leaving Soms in charge had been a bad idea; hier leval of intelligence simply wasn't up to par.

They wreaked a little havoc, left a little carnage in their wake but, like all beasts, they were ultimately banished to the black hole at the farthest reaches of the known universe, never to be seen again. That was one luckaly day on Earth. Moral: if you're going to assault and butcher the language, you may be possitive that it's a damned dangerouse habbit.


Steve said...

Good one.

In case you really want to take a look. Click on my name. Finally posted.

Serena Joy said...

Thank you. And good on you -- it DOES work!

RexZeitgiest said...

Sweet! It looks like I posted a thread here...(without me actually writing in the story or plotline)

As Deniro said to Billy Crsytal, "YOU, You, you're good."

Serena Joy said...

Personally, it scares me that I can interpret those "words" enough to "use" them. LOL.

Kanrei said...

That is a new Serena Classic!

I loved "sometimes in aprtnershipo with her soul mate. Okay, her bosom buddy; she had no soul." An honest laugh out loud moment and I really needed the laugh today.

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, Kan; glad you got a laugh out of it. I could use a laugh right about now. I've been "converting." How the hell are you supposed to know where to drag something when you can't tell what it is? They ALL say html something or other. And then, if I accidentally flip myself out, I have to log back in because the damned stupid thing can't "Remember" me for 2 seconds. Grrrr. I think I'm going to stop now and eat something chocolate.

Kanrei said...

One smile coming up:

smile maker

Serena Joy said...

Aw, that's adorable. Careful, though -- the bee-yotch and pal love pole dancers. LOL.