Friday, November 24, 2006

Hog Wild

I'm getting a little tired of pontificating on nothing, commenting on nothing, saying ... nothing. Does anyone know how long temporary episodic (non-moon related) brain death lasts? In any event, I suppose it's good that there are always Twisted Linguistics running wild to keep me occupied. We haven't defined any of these characters in a while, so let's give it a go. Roxan and I found some real winners today.

Using more than two are not recommended - Requires no definition. It's just odd, considering the source.

working tittle - What IS this person writing?!

certaily - Certain bunny tails? For-sure squirrel tails? Authentic coonskin cap? Who knows?

similiar - An untruthful ape.

surburd - Bastardization of the term "surf bird."

simpathy - Empathy for one addicted to playing that Simms game.

ancestrial - Court proceedings involving one's ancestors.

editrice - Edit it -- three times? God knows.

insteda - An instant, steady inamorata.

oppersona - A mentally ill person's opposing personality, the one that hears voices telling him to do evil things.

jeds a millionair - Duh. This is a reference to Jed Clampett. Who wouldn't know that?

steday - The type of relationship you have with the above-referenced inamorata.

roudy - A state of wild, wanton abandon brought on by the application of too much rouge.

Still, I kind iof klike - Doesn't everyone klike?

gethimnself - Reference to him and himself by the above-referenced mental patient.

lunatict - A ticking moon clock.

hoave - Describes the cloven feet of hooker hogs.


RexZeitgiest said...
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RexZeitgiest said...

'lunatict - A ticking moon clock.'

Is that eastern or Pacific time?

It is sooo hard to find good material to post sometimes....I am sure original content like, you , Kan, Steve, liz, ect. post is doubley difficult...

You do a great job, SJ.

Serena Joy said...

I don't know, I think time ticks on (and the moon goes through evil phases) in all time zones. LOL.

Eventually, "time out" will be over and the words -- not word criminals -- will flow again.:)

Anonymous said...

Nothing to say, but you said much.

Southern Writer said...

I just did the "How many of me" thing in your sidebar. There are no other me's. You come up with cool stuff for your sidebar.

Serena Joy said...

Then it's official, Lesia -- you're one of a kind. :)