Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why Is There No Rum?

The window guys got a lot done today, though they'll be back tomorrow. They pretty well wrecked my house, however. I've spent the last two hours trying to restore a little order. Bless their hearts, they tried to put my curtains back up, but they put the wrong curtains in the wrong rooms, on the wrong rods, inside out, yada-yada-yada. I've dragged out the ladder and fixed that, and vacuumed up all the debris. Alas, they destroyed my air conditioner trying to get it out of my bedroom window and had to haul it off to the dump. It was old, though, and I was going to replace it next summer anyway, so no big loss.

The new windows look wonderful. I may spend the rest of the evening just raising and lowering them -- unless, of course, Johnny Depp comes by and begs me to run away with him. It's such a trip to be able to open windows without risking hernias. God, I really do need a life, don't I?

The dog is in love. One of the window guys said she stayed with him all day, sometimes just sitting and staring at him. He is cute. And it gave the dog something to do; no shredded paper today.

I am indebted to Roxan for reeling in the Words Gone Bad today, and these are to die for.

Undferstood - Undfer is a Hobbit, and this word describes his first steps.

I juth had to - The lisper's motto.

Ginny pig - A sow addicted to martinis. (Why is there no rum?)

Owindshiel - First line of an ode to Mariah's sister. They call this wind Shiel.

Decompositionalism - The sensationalism of exhumed corpses.

Star treck - The adventures of Captain Kirk's black sheep pirate brother.


Liz said...

Dogs are so blatant. Harvey will sit in the garden and watch what's going on next door while I have to peer from behind the bedroom curtains!

Steve G said...

It sounds very uplifting or should I say less uplifting. Good for you and the pooch.

Serena Joy said...

Dogs have it made. They get away with way more than we can. LOL.

It occurs to me that I've had several, er, uplifting experiences lately, Steve. Must be planetary alignment.:)