Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Blood-curdling..." -- Part 21

"Whatever," said Haggis dejectedly. "I will take what I can get."

"You always have," Devorah replied. "You have always rolled slipshod over everyone in your way to take what you wanted."

"Must you always moralize?" Haggis retorted angrily.

"I agree, it's rather pointless to moralize to one who has no morals."

"Oh, like I'm the only one."

"No, you are quite correct," said Devorah. "You are following in the footsteps of Lilith and Delilah, Hecate and Medusa. Why, I daresay that you will someday be Queen of the Damned."

"Better than queen of nothing," Haggis One L'mar retorted.

"Is it? Have a care of your blasphemies, L'mar. One of these days, they will return to you twofold."


Steve G said...

One of these days. Yes, one of these days.

kanrei said...

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven, huh? Haggis is as appealing as the foold she is named for. Eat the eggs Devorah!

Serena Joy said...

Isn't haggis something gross, like sheep's stomach? Ugh. Nuh-uh, Devorah ain't going to eat those eggs. She's a GOOD sorceress, not to mention discriminating about what she eats. :)

Anonymous said...

Haggis is like liver stuffed in an intestine....yuk!

Good people eat eggs too

Serena Joy said...

I'm glad my people left Scotland a long time ago, because I wouldn't eat that on a bet. True about the eggs, but -- snake eggs? Yuck.