Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is Not Your Mother's Dracula

I couldn’t resist a quick mid-day Storytime With Twisted Linguistics. These characters so beg to be story-timed that it only took about five minutes to give them one.

The Characters:

colapsing duoble


There was this house in Engkland where lived a large number of women and a few men. Come to find out, the place was a bordello and the residents were a bunch of protsitutes and their grouivies. They laid around all day reading the cllssics since the ladies liked to stay off their feet to protect themselves from veariouse veins. Everything was grouivie and all was suposadly okay until one evening when John Vampire paid them a visit.

Soon after John arrived, protsitutes began colapsing duoble all over the place and the grouivies developed duoble vision. Soon, nearly everyone in the house was Undead, with the exception of one bear naked duo who grew ivies that protected them from vampire bites. They were, of course, bearived at the loss of their sister floozies and eventually, the two co-lapsed into dementia.

Thankfully, Aunt Be arived in Engkland and suposadly nursed them back to health. Nobody really knows for sure because sadly, Aunt Be’s anti-vampire suppositories failed and addled all their brains and that was the end of the veari last cllssic house of duobles and threesomes in Engkland.


kanrei said...

Typing while smoking seems to work for you =P

Those were hard words to even read in the story. Well done.

Serena Joy said...

I wasn't smoking. Maybe I should have been. LOL. I looked at the culled words in list form and immediately saw a gestalt going on. There was nothing left to do with them.

Wish me luck, Kan. I think I'm going to try to do the deed now before the next scheduled outage. If I lose it all, I'll come licking my wounds to the Lemming House.:)

Steve G said...

Love it. Dear old Aunt Be. She should have brought Goober with her.

Serena Joy said...

LOL. Goober in Engkland -- that would have been a total hoot. Wish I'd have thought of it.