Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Blood-curdling..." -- Part 28

"Yes?" said Haggis, stopping short.

"Aren't you going to ask after the welfare of your unborn children?" Devorah inquired indignantly. "Ask me how I will raise and care for them? Kiss them good-bye, for God's sake?"

"Why?" Haggis asked, at a genuine loss. "They belong to you now."

"It is as I thought," Devorah said. "You exist in human form but you will never possess a human heart."

"Ah, who needs it? Not I."

"Clearly," sighed Devorah. "Go, then. You have tarried here too long. Go and spread whatever chaos it is you have in mind -- and with you, we know that it will ever be so. Just be warned, madam -- do not do it in my territory."

"Or what?" Haggis challenged the sorceress.

"If you are stupid enough to have to ask..."

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