Friday, October 27, 2006

"Blood-curdling..." -- Part 29

Haggis set out on foot down the path which wound its long and lazy way through the thick forest to the town. Once there, it was her intention to catch a ride on a cart bound for her own village.

In town, Haggis was given wide berth by all who encountered her. She may have looked like any other good wife out to visit the greengrocer, but the malice at her core, her lack of a soul, was sensed by all sentient beings.


Kanrei said...

Haggis has no soul
She cannot dance
She cannot sing
She never heard James Brown
She has no soul

Serena Joy said...

Haggis got no rhythm, child,
Haggis's feets don't move,
Haggis don't know 'bout no gettin' wild,
Haggis got no groove.

Kanrei said...


RexZeitgiest said...

Its the eyes....THE EYES!!

Serena Joy said...

Eyes without a face...

I second that emotion.