Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Blood-curdling..." -- Part 12

...a resurrection of her writing persona, wicked mockery though it was. After all, she had once had a dear zombie friend who kept killing himself off every time a book flopped, only to resurrect himself in due course under a new identity. Haggis saw no reason why she could not reinvent herself and do the same.

Oh, she knew she'd be on her own this time, without the nominal protection of the departed but wholly unlamented Dedman. She knew that she would first have to seek out Devorah, the Sorceress of the Black Wood, and beseech her to change her from gigantic cobra back into something resembling a human form.

Trying to sell badly written books would be hard enough; it would be well nigh impossible looking as she did now.


kanrei said...

The blog is calling Haggis. Snakes are welcome, even encouraged. I understand the difficulty of writing without hands, but Haggis needs to stick with it. She went through too much to become a snake to just give it up now. Besides, what publisher would tell a giant man-eating talking typing snake no?

Serena Joy said...


My Lord, you've fallen in love with SnakeGirl, haven't you? Maybe we'll bring her back next Halloween as a politician. LMBO!

Damn, WordVer's trying to gaslight me: qbqqqqi!

Steve G said...

Serena, it's an enjoyable story. Something you wrote and are dropping it in a piece at a time. Or, are you writing it as you post?

Someday I'd like to read the entire story a one sitting.

kanrei said...

ONce I figured out it is my ex, yes. I never got over her and this story is so her. I seem to love evil reptiles I suppose.

Do not make her a politician please. There are enough snakes there already.

Serena Joy said...

Steve, it was a group collaboration last Halloween. One person would write a paragraph, another would pick it up from there. And so on and so on. Glad you're enjoying it.

Serena Joy said...

Maybe we'll resurrect her next year, Kan. Are you sure we can't bring her back as a slimy, reptillian politician?:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Wickedly appealing!!

But... does she have to be a COBRA!! YUCKY!!
I despise snakes, so of course, I would not be purchasing a book authored by a cobra.
A new human form is a must!

Serena Joy said...

LOL, JD. I hate snakes, too. I think pretty much everybody does, so I guess it made some kind of warped sense to morph old Haggis into a gigantic snake.

Will Haggis regain human form? Hmmm.