Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Breaking News

Be on the lookout for these escaped desperados. Wanted for Word Butchery -- $2.00 Reward! Deputy Roxan has put out a BOLO on them, but use extreme caution 'til they're in custody. Lock your doors, keep your dictionary close, and do not engage them on any message board where you might encounter them.

arghanauts - Outer-space pirates (with sore throats).

quadrahemitoidal - A bloody pain in the ass that hurts four times worse than the usual pain in the ass.

manahtten - A drink ordered by the guy who's occupied the same bar stool all evening and finally refused service by the bartender.

strieght - Someone who's posing as straight -- but isn't.

don'trget - Cheap brand of champagne, sold at Target.

glea - Haint who haunts the Glee Club over at the high school.

styill - A sick pig in a pen.


kanrei said...

don'trget - Cheap brand of champagne, sold at Target.

I think this may be your best ever. A laugh out loud one.

Serena Joy said...

Why, merci, dahling.:)

Anonymous said...

Hours later and still funny. A winner for sure.

Serena Joy said...

But ... are we normal?

RexZeitgiest said...

But...are we normal?

Well, that depends on how many 'we's you are......

I have 6

Serena Joy said...

You know 6 normals? That's kinda scary.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord! LMAO!