Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Mugshots

I know it's Saturday, but the Word Police had little choice but to pick up these rowdy Words Gone Bad for committing crimes against etymology. They did a bad, bad thing... There's no weekend court so they'll have to stay in jail 'til Monday morning. There was no alternative, though. Just think what might have happened if they'd been left to run loose and start drinking tonight.

negitive - This is a state of mind even worse than negativity.

theirh - A substance quite close chemically to myrrh but banned for being highly hallucinogenic.

intemediaries - These are the professionals from whom one seeks permission to approach referees.

novelity - A very brief, very bad novel which should be stuffed down the toilet and flushed three times.

publicatuib - The publisher of the above-referenced novel.

it's own - It is own? Sorry, wrong tense.

perminantly - I've seen this one before; it never improves.

titalize - This is about porn, isn't it?

saavy - The condition of being exxtra savvy.

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