Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm really bored, which is never a good state of affairs for me. Boredom can lead to all kinds of trouble. Perhaps bored isn't the right choice of words. Maybe impatient is a better description. Yeah, impatient.

Normally, I have a pretty high patience threshold, but there comes a point when waiting -- too much waiting -- makes me completely berserk. When I reach the saturation point, all I can think is, "I hate waiting!"

Obviously, there are too many things I'm waiting on. One event, or two or three, is doable. When the list increases by much more, it leads to irritability and outright crankiness. Something needs to give soon with at least a few of the things I'm waiting on. Otherwise, I could lose control, maybe write another damn book. That always calms me down -- to the point of lethargy. From one extreme to the other. Yeah, I need that.

At least, it's going to rain tonight. That always ensures a good night's sleep, which is something I really do need. I don't remember the last time I went to bed before 1:00 A.M., which means I've been working on four to five hours' sleep a night. I'm perfectly good to go on five, but four just isn't enough. Oh, yeah, the rain -- looks like we're in for heavy rain from tonight all the way through Friday or Saturday. That could get dicey. At least, it's cooler, though -- by twenty degrees tomorrow. Thank God for small favors, huh?

Speaking of books, I saw the damndest piece of misinformation on an infamous reverse-vanity POD's boards today.

There was a lady on the boards questioning whether she's going to be paid royalties for the beaucoup "used books" of hers has sold. There was a back and forth dialogue of misinformation, with one person having the sense to direct the woman over to Writers Weekly to find the answer to her question. Then this guy comes along with the most blatant example of disinformation I've seen in a while:

"These people have given you some good advise (sic). The used books are donated in advance from the publisher as stated in our contract that they may do this. They don't receive (sic) money for them and neither do ypu (sic). As part of their agreement the said people can donate them or keep them for themselves and whomever ends up with them has a resell rights This service is provided for your benefit and gives you exposure."

What?! PrintAnything "donates" books in advance?! Puh-leeze! People, PromiseEmAnything donates NOTHING. The "used" feature of Amazon is simply a sales gimmick. There may be rare instances in which someone has a copy or two of a PatheticAsswipes book available for one reason or another. For the most part, however, when one of those "used" books is ordered, the seller puts in a request to PissOffAmerica to have it printed -- brand new -- just like any other PatentlyAwful customer. The books are POD. That means that no copies of any PunishThemAll title are printed unless they are specifically ordered. PatheticallyAvaricious does nothing for anyone's benefit but their own. And you can take that to the bank.

The Word Patrol wasn't exactly on strike today, but they weren't really on their toes, either. They did manage to reel in these language molesters.

Let me give you a little in site -- I'll bite. What's the URL to this "In" place?

discourges - The art of dissing a scourge.

catagory - A cat that's had a really bad accident.

Feburary - We think this may have something to do with a feeble, arthritic burro.


kanrei said...

Write a book in one day. See if you can do it =P

Oh, and keep rubbing in that rain stuff =(

Serena Joy said...

I probably could (write a book in one day) but it would suck unspeakably. I know where I could get it printed, though. LOL!

Miami's dry, huh? I won't say a word about rain. I can't speak for my little Weather Pixie at the bottom of the page, though. She might let something slip. Rain, rain, big pounding beautiful rain.:)

kanrei said...


Miami was wet today, but a quiet annoying wet. I want some thunder. Just a little.

“Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" -- “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.
Rush song as well =D

Serena Joy said...

Well, it's Florida. It's got to thunder sooner or later.

Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about the Rush song. Good one, and good catch.

Bill_Oreilly said...

Maybe we could read to each other to pass the time. Nothing too scary. I like a thriller or a twist a second mystery. We live a distance but unlimited LD works wonders.

Lisa Matthews said...

If patience is a virtue then I am a terrible strumpet. ROFL. Waiting on good things to happen really is hard, isn't it?