Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Nothing New Under the Sun

There’s an old maxim – “Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" -- “The more things change, the more they stay the same” -- (attributed to Alphonse Karr), the essential truth of which never becomes outdated, never ... changes.

Let’s see. Who wore what to the – Oooooooo! – Emmys. Is the public really waiting with bated breath every morning-after to hear all about the latest tribute to excess? Does the populace at large really care who's hooked up with whom, who's getting a nasty divorce, who had whose baby? Does anyone really care whether Joan Rivers loved somebody’s extravagantly expensive gown or dissed it mercilessly? I don’t watch awards shows. Ever. I find the whole never-changing spectacle pretty disgusting. I’m not at all interested in watching a bunch of pampered and grossly overpaid divas and celluloid princes pay homage to each other. And I’m really, really glad I missed out on seeing Conan O’Brian hosting this year’s Emmys. I’ve tried to warm up to him. It ain’t gonna happen. I simply cannot stand the guy.

Hurricane Katrina passed through last year, leaving widespread devastation in her wake. This year, money rivaling the treasuries of some small countries is being spent to produce “anniversary” shows. Yes, Katrina was a horrible event. Much of the nearly obliterated Gulf Coast will never be the same. Do we really need to be reminded with slick TV documentaries, though? It's sort of akin to using disaster for entertainment. Not much new there. It’s not likely that anyone will forget Katrina, with or without TV coverage. TV productions cost money -- lots of it. If you ask me, the money would be much better spent if it were donated to rebuilding efforts.

Somebody’s submitted another “sting” manuscript to the redheaded stepchild of vanity publishing. Why? It’s already been done – and run about as far into the ground as it can go. There’s nothing novel about it. The first couple of times it was done, there were valid reasons. They produced some pretty revealing results; i.e., they proved that the skanky publisher would publish anything. Which was the whole point. The goal was accomplished. In spades. There’s no reason to do it again that I can see. Unless it was to give a small clique suffering from attention deficit just one more thing to crow about (or a good reason to throw another good old fashioned circle jerk). The fate of the world does, after all, hinge on their vaunted musings to each other. Nothing new there.

The Word Patrol bounty hunters made a few good takedowns today. Nothing new under the sun in that quarter. It wasn't a major crime spree that got busted up, but these bad boys are better off behind bars.

scurge -- Pirate slang for "is courage."

cliental -- A lower class of clientele.

outstanding balance's -- Mmm-hmm.

Make checks payable to Mr. XXX -- Yeah, that's real professional.

There are also has been some -- Let us hope that this one is a has-been.

ajoining -- How meetings are ended in the Bronx.

eventhough -- Dude. It's TWO words. I'm getting tired of seeing this.

That make since to me -- Geez. And that will do it for me today. I'm getting in out of this unholy sun under which there is nothing new.


Rene said...

I hear you on Joan, the dresses, Tv and Conan. What is up with that hair? If the publisher is the one I think it is didn't they already get caught in that Atlanta Nights deal? I don't know why anybody would send another one. Seems redundant.

Those words are hysterical. People should know better.

Serena Joy said...

The guy needs a makeover, that's for sure. That shock of fiery red Lyle Lovett hair needs to go. LOL.

kanrei said...

Continuing with your theme, the hurricane fizzled into a lightning free rain shower.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, bummer. And here you were all ready for a good storm. We at least had thunder and lightening with our rain here tonight.

So, can I go back to my cliff now?:)

kanrei said...

Sure, rub it in

Serena Joy said...

Aw, I wouldn't do that to you. I really am sorry your hurricane blew ... chunks.:)

kanrei said...

I am turning myself in as a word criminal. VRWC just spotted it on my site and I did not know I made an error.

"buttoned down the hatches". He just let me know it is "batten down the hatches". Guilty as charged

Serena Joy said...

Oh, poor Kan. But since you were brave enough to turn yourself in, I'll go easy on you -- sentence suspended.:)

Bill_Oreilly said...

Serena you look good! maybe we can exchange emails?


Serena Joy said...

Well, thank you very much, Bill. I think.:)

Tomas said...

You are the writer and the reader and such am I - the paiter and the viewer.
You are welcomed. Please have a good time with my transformational art on

We are all chidren of the Light in spite of the fact that we fail in following the purity of the sunbeam at times. Some clouds are inescapable things, yet I hope they dont shadow the entire sky

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, Tomas. You have some beautiful pictures!