Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Guilt, Grace, and a Helluva Coups de Grace

I don’t waste a lot of time laboring under the burden of unnecessary, unearned guilt. Some people not only take on a mantle of vicarious guilt they haven’t earned, but seem to thrive on it. Martyr complex or something? I never did get that.

I’m pretty laid back and studiously avoid deliberately hurting people. It happens, of course. It’s usually a case of either unintentionally causing hurt feelings or direct retaliation for pain deliberately inflicted by someone; i.e., if somebody shoots at me, there’s no way in hell I’m not shooting back. I’m as capable as anyone else of letting loose with a diatribe when necessary. Some people, however, actually do appear to get off on spreading as much deliberate hurt and ill will as possible. They do it just because … they can. I never did get that, either.

I do things – some things -- just because I can. Who doesn’t? It never involves willfully causing unprovoked hurt, though. If I inadvertently hurt someone, and I know it, I feel terrible (and yes, guilty) about it and I’m going to apologize -- just because it’s the decent thing to do. The people who live to maul and hurt just because they can, I don’t get.

There is such a thing as guilt by association. It’s unfair, of course, but it exists. And honestly, who among us doesn’t subscribe to it on some level? We are, in fact, judged by the company we keep. It’s always been that way, probably always will be. It’s human nature, I think.

I suppose our infamous Word Criminals commit their literary crimes for one of two reasons: (1) They don’t know any better (though there’s a canon of law which holds that “Ignorance [of the law] is no excuse") or (2) Because they can. And no, I’m afraid they feel no guilt about it. In fact, they’d probably be hard-pressed to even define or spell guilt.

Intollerance - We think this may be a deviant strain of Deliverance, particularly prevalent in mountainous swamp areas.

It never seems to amaze me - Oh, God -- me, too. I seem to be unable to get amazed, no matter what. I should cease even trying.

Quiet reading it - Yeah, I like quiet when I'm reading, and some quiet time after I quit reading it as well.

Defaintly - DeLady saw the deWords gone deWild and she deFainted.

Experiance - An experiment involving ants gone horrifyingly awry.

Writting - What a writter does, of course.

First name bases - Well, duh -- it does help to know somebody's name before making it to first base.

And for the pièce de résistance, I give you:

We could not of did it without you.

I'm personally administering the coups de grâce and sticking the lethal injection to that one.


kanrei said...

Guilt... a Jewish delicassy (sp?). My mother fed me guilt on a daily basis from the time I was born. I have aquired a taste for it.
Not into the causing of pain on others. I have done it, but that guilt thing usually beats me up worse for it later on.

I am enjoying your definitions I think they are. Funny =D

Serena Joy said...

I've always heard about that "Jewish Mothers" guilt trip thing. Truth be told, I think all mothers do that to their kids.:)

Re inflicting pain, I think I can honestly say I've never done it intentionally and unprovoked. When I do it, it's in response to something someone else has done first so, nope, I don't feel an ounce of guilt over it.

Glad you're enjoying the "definitions." LOL. It's just too bad there's such a bottomless pit of material to work with.:)

kanrei said...

All mothers use guilt, but they learned from the Jews and Italians. Those two are so good at it that I still behave at 35 because I can actually hear my mom in my head when I think about doing something wrong.

Serena Joy said...

I'm pretty good at it, too. Just ask my son.:)