Saturday, July 22, 2006

Black Is Black

Mood: Somber. Funereal. Black.

Why do bad things always seem to happen when I'm not feeling well? It almost seems to be a law of nature -- "Hey, the girl's not feeling good. Let's toss some crap at her."

My problem child is giving me fits. I kept hearing my cell phone ring but ... couldn't find the darn thing. It finally turned up in the pocket of the shorts I had on yesterday, in the dirty clothes hamper. The washer's making weird sounds. The ceiling fan in the dining room conked out. Even the dog has it in for me. I finally said the heck with it all and laid down on the couch to take a nap, only to be rudely awakened by the wafting aroma of doggie puke.

If there's any benefit to all this junk, I suppose it's that all the extraneous stuff makes me forget about what hurts. I'll be glad when this day is over. Surely, tomorrow has to be better.

Sorry, the Word Patrol stayed in today. I simply didn't feel like putting on hip waders and going digging for nutcase nuggets. Fool's gold.


RainbowDemon1952 said...

I'm in such agreement with you, Serena, you have no idea. With a year that has been plagued with two carpal tunnel surgeries, a sprained ankle, followed by breaking same said ankle, and then add in horrible stifling heat with mega humidity and the loss of two close personal friends in the span of three days, and it's sort of like: "Okay, how the hell do I get out of here?"
Tomorrow, I'm casting caution to the wind and taking that brand new 150cc motorscooter of mine out for a nice long ride. I have the aircast off for good now and it's supposed to be a cool morning tomorrow, so I'm out and about for a ride and hoping to God nothing else goes wrong!
Worse case scenario is I could end up being vulture and buzzard food! Hopefully, though, the ride will be just what I need to clear my head and get my directions back on the right paths they need to be on.
I hope tomorrow brings a much more pleasant day for you with lots of sunshine and cooler air as well.
Peace, my friend! I think it's just what the doctor ordered for us both!
Charlie/aka RainbowDemon1952

Serena Joy said...

Yeah, really. If you find a way out, can I follow you? Geez, I think I'm already buzzard bait; I just haven't fallen yet. Hey, thank God that cast is finally off! Go and ride the right path tomorrow. I don't think it's going to be much cooler tomorrow but as long as the day's an improvement over today, who cares? Peace and sparklies back atcha, dude.