Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Guilty as Sin

The 7 Deadly Sins:


I know I'm guilty of pretty much everything on the list at least once a day. Sloth is probably my weakest area, followed by Anger. Gluttony is a problem on those days when I'm really stressed and tend to binge on comfort foods. I'm really, really pleased to say that I'm rarely guilty of Envy, Lust, Greed, or Pride. That's not prideful of me to say, is it?

Things tend to change at warp speed. Sometimes, change is good; other times, not so much. When changes are for the better, though, it can be uplifting; indeed, life-changing. Of course, the not so good changes are also life-altering. The key is to find a balance between the two and, no matter what happens, make the best of it. When your Yin counter-balances your Yang, life is good and your Feng Shui is perfect.

Mine needs work. I'm going to try to go and sin a little less and ignore that little voice in my head singing, "If you wanna get to heaven, you gotta raise a little hell."


The Rentable Writer said...

My yin never balances my yang.

(And, no, that is not a sexual innuendo!)

Serena Joy said...

Don't feel bad -- I'm unbalanced, too. Or so they keep telling me.:)

RainbowDemon1952 said...

Hey, unbalance in this world is an asset folks! I can't imagine being in balance and trying to cope in this day and age. Loved the entry, Serena, I've read it and reread it several times and it sure hits home.

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, '52. So, what you're saying is that unbalance is a good thing, right? Whew! I'm okay, then. LOL.