Monday, February 09, 2015

Big Scary Monster

To you and me, this is a household appliance, a benign machine most of us drag out every blue moon to suck up the dog hair and other detritus accumulated on the floor since the last blue moon.

To my dog, however, it’s huge and vile and scary … evil incarnate.  The very sight of it, the instant I pull it out of the closet, sends her into a panic and she runs for the hills.  Or, more accurately, her bed and its pile of baby blankets.

When I turn it on, all hell breaks loose.  She goes absolutely berserk, alternately running around in circles and charging at it, barking the whole time.  It’s kind of hard to vacuum with this tiny warrior princess trying to kill it and me about to wet my pants laughing.  This is why I vacuum only every blue moon.


Skunkfeathers said...

I had the same problem with my pet rock the first few times I used the vacuum...then I convinced him that it keeps morphing, marauding leftovers in the 'frig when they hear it.

He and the vac have an uneasy alliance now.

Lee said...

When I bring my vacuum out both of my cats and me all head for the hills! :)

Serena said...

Skunk, maybe Seymour could give my pup a few lessons in uneasy alliances. She'd definitely be interested in anything in the fridge.:)

Lee, I think the answer is quite clear: we don't vacuum any more!:)

quid said...

My dogs have always been terrified of the vacuum. My last one, Mike, had panic attacks when I had a Roomba!


Serena said...

Dogs are hilarious little creatures, aren't they, Quid? I think a Roomba would send my pup totally over the edge.:)