Friday, March 28, 2014

If This Weren't Friday...

Thank God, it's Friday.  If it weren't, I'd be tempted to run with scissors or something. Lord help me, I was up half the night with ungodly heartburn.  I ate lasagna for dinner.  It’s bizarre how sometimes it doesn’t bother me at all and sometimes it tries its damndest to kill me.  Last night, the acid pit started roiling before I’d even finished.  There’s no rhyme or reason to it.

Thankfully, I’m out of work at noon on Fridays so, after some necessary shopping, I am destined for a nice long nap.  I plan to do pretty much squat at work today.  I’ve earned it, if you ask me.  I’ve had a very tough week, with little to no assistance from my “assistant.”  Shoot, he didn’t even bother to come in Wednesday.  Didn’t bother to call, either.  I’ve already written the ad for a new person.

I feel like punishing some Words Gone Wild today.  We haven’t written poetry here in what seems like eons, so I’m thinking that if you’re game to put these Twisted Linguistics to work and whip them into haiku, go for it.  Or -- you can just define them.

Here are the – ahem – words:

My effort:

Plagirism destroyed my avaialable untility
Pursecuted my chrade entrys phenominally.  Blooger disconsulete!
Suprised with jewellery, condtion better.

Yeah, I know it’s not nature-themed, but blasfomy follows no rules.


quid said...

Tempted to play along with your blasfomy... but I was just stumped. Maybe later. I'm running on about 3 cylinders after a rough week of work.

Eating chocolate and wearing pajamas. I vote you get a new assistant as soon as possible!


Serena said...

Blasfomy and 3 cylinders aren't a good match, Quid. I vote you stay in the PJs and have some more chocolate.:)

The ad for the new assistant is running; 6 resumes so far.

Lee said...

This is the best that I can do at this our in the mourning! ;)

Oh if only I knew how to spell correctly

I would have no need to turn to plagirism

This condtion makes me feel pursecuted

Blooger entrys although easily avaialable

Phenominally destryed me by their chrade

Suprised at feeling so hopelessly disconsulete

The only untility I have left is my jewellery

Serena said...

Lee! You answered in twisted linguistics -- props to you!:-)

And you did yourself proud with your, er, poem. Excellent job!:)

rkfinnell said...

Oh my that is some list there! Yes, it is I come to haunt you. I have been through editing hell (it was a real blooger) but the sequel to Kickshaw Candies is finally out.
Stopped by to say hello and bug you for a bit. ;)