Thursday, December 13, 2012

Waiting On The Spirit

Frozen Winter Season Picture

Anybody have a 12/12/12 wedding yesterday? Or a baby? Not me. I did watch some of the 12-12-12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief last night. I've always loved Pink Floyd, and I loved their set -- especially when Eddie Vedder took the stage with them. And the Rolling Stones -- my Lord, they look so ancient! Jagger's still got the moves, though.

It's finally cooled down -- only in the 40s yesterday. I'm still not feeling in the Christmas mood, though. Stuff is done -- presents, wrapping, mailing, cards, tree -- but I ain't feeling it. Maybe it'll happen by the 25th -- assuming we don't get obliterated on the 21st. Not that I think anything will happen. I imagine that life on Earth will look much the same on the 22nd as it did on the 21st. Maybe a little crazier, since we see more and more crazy every day. I think we'll all still be here on the 22nd -- and still trying to figure out how to read Mayan calendars.


Marion said...

I'm waiting, too. Maybe it'll hit me when we get to Nashville for Christmas Eve on my precious Mary Mace's 9th birthday. I can't believe she'll be 9!! I hope the spirit hits you soon...but not too hard. LOL! xo

Serena said...

Nashville will probably do it for you, Marion. You'll get plenty of the spirit once you get there. I can't believe MM is 9, either. Seems like no time since you were sharing baby pictures.:)