Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shake A Leg, Santa

Santa Glitter Scrap

It's a week before Christmas ... and Santa doesn't look quite ready. Let's hope he can get his act together and get that reindeer in shape and ready to roll in time. And, um, let's hope they can outrun the Mayan Long Count calendar.

For now, Happy Hump Day!


quid said...

Santa's sparkly. I like him!


Serena said...

Me, too, Quid. I love sparkle!:-)

Lee said...

We'll be right and so will Santa, Serena...but I am leaving the housework until after the 21st...what's the point in wasting all that energy (particularly in the heat we're experiencing at present down this way)!

No one will know if I have a dirty, untidy house if the Mayans are correct about the 21st!! ;)

Skunkfeathers said...

Since I have to work Xmas Eve night, I have a 'bait 'n switch' plan to draw the reindeer, distract Santa, and divert 'stuff' ;-)

As for the 21st, I am all about preparedness...if it happs, I'm having delivery chinese TONIGHT, so I go out on a full-bore "pupu platter high", whilst listening to my arteries harden ;-)

Serena said...

My sentiments exactly, Lee. If the house is dirty and there's anybody left to see it on the 22nd, THEN I'll clean it. LOL!:-)

Skunk, I've always found that the "distract and divert" tactic works pretty well. And listen, one pupu platter isn't going drive the arteries to revolt. Go for it!;)