Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mercy Me

The elections are over, for better or for worse. Benghazigate -- and CIA Zippergate -- is busting wide open. People in the Northeast are still sitting in the dark and the cold more than two weeks after Superstorm Sandy. Christmas stuff is already in the stores, has been for weeks. And more and more merchants are announcing plans to open on Thanksgiving night -- so people can have themselves a veritable orgy of shopping they can ill afford, I guess.

Meanwhile, John McAfee, founder of the McAfee software company (whose antivirus program I've been running for years and who, incidentally, attended my high school and graduated from a local college) is being sought as a person of interest in the slaying of his neighbor in Belize.

All I can say is...

Have A Hump Day! Greetings
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Lee said...

A song title comes to mind, Serena..."Blinded by the Light". It's all happening - or on the other hand, perhaps not! Time will tell; maybe it won't....that's all I can say! ;)

The retailers have been pushing their Christmas stocks here, too, for ages...trying to suck all of us suckers in!

And, probably shortly after Christmas is over - before we've dismantled the Christmas tree...they'll be loading up their shelves with Hot Cross Buns for Easter! They always do...and I always refuse to buy any until Easter!!

G-Man said...

She's Alive She's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serena said...

I hadn't thought about that, Lee -- maybe it's not happening. As you say, time will tell. And yep, I fully expect to be able to get my Easter Peeps on New Year's Day.:-)

She certainly is, Mr. G-man. Cause for celebration, yes?:-)

Lee said...

I try not to comment too much on the politics or politicians of other countries, Serena...ours here is enough of a mess as it is; and I'm no fan of the party who is in power in this country; I never have been.

The Labor Party is in power here...they are equivalent to your Democrats. Our Liberal Party, who are in Opposition are equivalent to the Republicans.

I'd like to see a change here...and, to be honest with you, I'd liked to have seen a change up your way as well! But it was not to be. ;)

Voting is compulsory here...and, if I dare state...I think it this policy should be adopted by the US...too many people become apathetic about voting. If it rains, they think..."Oh! What the hell! I can't be bothered going out!"

Voting is important, to my way of thinking...if a person doesn't cast their vote...they have no right to complain. That's what I believe, anyway.

Serena said...

I hear 'ya, Lee. Two topics I try to avoid are politics and religion. Too volatile by far! I agree with you 100% that voting is important and that those who don't have no room to complain.:)

quid said...

ARGHHH! Scandal! And Xmas shopping again.

Hope Mr. Norton doesn't kill anyone.


Serena said...

All these scandals are getting old, Quid. I'm on top of the Xmas shopping, though.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

*preparing to duck incoming throwd items*...I finished my Xmas shopping before Halloween ;-)

Serena said...

Dang, Skunk, you are on fire!:-)