Friday, September 14, 2012

The Friday Thingonmyblog

I haven't accomplished much this week. Still ... TGIF!

I'm a bit disappointed with my Friday Blogthing results. I thought for sure I was destined to rule the world. Apparently not, although the game ain't over yet. I'm convinced I'd look damn good in a big shiny crown with an entourage and perhaps a few flying monkeys.

You Are Not Destined to Rule the World

You are destined for something else...

Like inventing a new type of cupcake.

You just don't have the stomach for brutality.

But watch out - because many people do!


puerileuwaite said...

Well if having the outfit is enough, then indeed you are already capable of world domination. The key? Practice! So I'll be right over.

G-Man said...

Mistress Sherry...
You may Dominate me any time!!!
May I lick your Boot?

Lee said...

Damn! So much never turns out the way one dreams it should, does it, Serena? ;)

Have a great weekend, anyway! There's still next week!

Serena said...

If you're willing to help me practice, Pugsley, come on over. But no touching the crown.;)

I'm not sure it's Empress of the World stuff you're talking about, Mr. G-man. Nevertheless, since you're willing, you may be first in line when I take over.:)

Lee, I may title my autobiography "Damn!" So appropriate.:) You have a great weekend, too.