Thursday, April 26, 2012

House of Cards

Most of the things you worry about, never happen! - Images and gifs for social networks

Yes, most of the things... But sometimes they do.

What is the linchpin of one's life? I suppose there comes a time when one must prioritize.

What's important? What's not?

What is crucial to maintaining a balanced life? What is ephemera?

What is sustainable? What is fa├žade and, therefore, not solid? What is enduring? What is disposable?

How much does it matter -- should it matter -- if life slaps you upside the head and demands that you recognize that sometimes things aren't what they appear? Or that sometimes they're exactly what they seem? There's not much point in moping over your place in the grand scheme of things not being quite what you thought it was.

Just wondering ... as I always do. There comes a time when one has to ask the hard questions. What the heck do you do if no answers magically appear?

Hard truths are kind of like porn is to the Supreme Court -- you know it when you see it. Don't you think?


Anonymous said...

i ponder
these kinds
of deep questions

  who really shot JR?

  butter or margarine?

and etc.

porn is what advertisers hope their message can be

late thursday... belated happy hump day, and, an early

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puerileuwaite said...

If you sign up for my Special Program, I shall teach you how to attain balance using only stimulants, depressants and a high-wire.

Serena said...

I don't ponder about JR any more, /t. I think he faked the whole thing and then slunk off to watch some porn. Happy Early TGIF!;)

I'm in, Pugsley. Only I don't want the depressants or the high-wire. I'm a little klutzy. Bring on the stimulants! If I don't find balance, who cares?;)