Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Little New Year's Craziness

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I had to work yesterday, which was the official New Year's holiday. When I got to work, I found out that the other two staff members had been given yesterday off -- except that one of them opted to take Friday off instead. Therefore, one of them got her holiday on Friday and the other on Monday. I got none. Hmph!

It was, therefore, just as well that I have an "option," bizarre as it is. How bizarre is it? You be the judge.

I had a message Saturday afternoon from my former Crazy Boss Lady. I called her back Sunday to see what exactly she wanted. It seems that Skank Girl (y'all remember her) got caught embezzling again -- $30,000 this time -- and got fired again. The Do-Nothing Paralegal quit a couple of weeks ago and took another job, so Crazy Boss Lady has absolutely nobody working for her and rather desperately tried to talk me into coming back to work for her, thanking me profusely for even talking to her and promising "no more drama." My spidey senses were telling me to "Run, fool!" But the woman actually cried twice while we were talking and I felt a little bit sorry for her, so I told her I'd come over Friday and talk to her and at least help her out on a temporary at-home basis. If nothing else, I can make some quick money by bringing home a few files and cranking out some critical divorce decrees and depositions over the weekend.

As far as actually going back to work for her, she'd have to make me a hell of a deal. If you had asked me around noon yesterday whether I'd seriously consider it, I'd have said "Yes, and I'm going right now!" Luckily, good old-fashioned common sense prevailed and I stuck it out with the Spawn of the Dark Side. I honest to God don't know how many more days I can do it, though. I must have muttered "Buttwad!" 50 times yesterday.


G-Man said...

And don't forget the old tried and true Southern profanity...
Peckerwood! You may also borrow my personal favorite...Dickweed!
I use this one when I'm VERY upset... Ass Dick!!
Some less than horrific names..
Ass Wipe, Numb Nuts, Schmuck, Putz, and last but not least A-Hole
I hope you've found these words usefull. Carry-On...:-)

Serena said...

I'll keep those in mind, Mr. G. A-hole is already taken, though; one of the other women snarls it every time he buzzes her on the intercom.

Anonymous said...

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puerileuwaite said...

Trust me on this one: do NOT ever go back to working full-time for Crazy Boss Lady. MY Spidey Sense is tingling in all the wrong* (* non-erotic) places too. Find a Plan-C to escape the current circus.

Serena said...

LOL, /t. If I ever said that to The Old One, he'd insist on it from now on. Ain't happening.;)

Ain't that a bee-yotch, Pugsley, when there's tingling going on and it's non-erotic? I'll see what Plan B has to say, but trust me, I'm desperately seeking a Plan C.;)