Friday, January 13, 2012

Lazy 13

Dang, the weather's gone schizoid again -- from near 60 yesterday to frigid and blustery with a chance of snow today. Yuck. I think I'll just stay in and make another pot of coffee. I'll probably do a few chores and a little reading, and have a nap this afternoon for sure. The poor dog is going to be bored to death because she won't be getting out much today. On the other hand, she likes having her "mom" home with her.

Happy Friday the 13th and TGIF!

You Are Having a Violet Day

You are feeling especially connected to the world today.

You are looking to gain a new perspective on life - through deep reflection and introspection.

You are taking the time to appreciate everything the world has to offer, even if you end up spoiling yourself a little.

Today is the kind of day where you demand the best. You want to be as decadent as possible.


G-Man said...

Although quite petite Sherry...
You certainly are NOT a Shrinking Violet!
Relax, snooze, relax some more, and enjoy your THREE days off!!
Now remember...Relax.

/t. said...

a lazy day
is just the ticket

have a lazy good weekend, too

× × ×


puerileuwaite said...


At first glance, I thought you invented your own emoticon for Lord-knows-WHAT decadent activity.

Serena said...

I did all of that today, Mr. G, and plan on more of the same tomorrow. Thank God for weekends!:)

It was the perfect ticket, /t. Wishing you a lazy, restful weekend, too. Hope you had a lucky 13th.;)

You're giving me ideas, Pugsley. Now I'm pondering inventing and marketing decadent emoticons. Hmmm.;)

quid said...

Warm here, 70's... headed to Florida's east coast in the a.m., where it'll be from 32-55, but I'm ready. I love your relaxed day. Here's mine:

You Are Having a Yellow Day

Today is a pretty great day for you. How could it not be with your optimistic attitude?
You are very inspired right now, and your creativity is at its peak.

While you are on top of the world today, be careful. You may be more fragile than you think.
As long as you don't let yourself get too worked up or over-stimulated, you'll be fine.

Serena said...

I like your Yellow Day, Quid. Hope you had a nice time on FL's E. side.:)