Monday, December 19, 2011

Naughty or Nice?

Santa at Fireplace

It's only 5 more days 'til Christmas Eve. Have you been good?

Santa's pretty savvy at sorting out naughty from nice.

What do you suppose he'll be bringing you?


Anonymous said...

naughty is nice!


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Marion said...

I've had a very, very naughty year.....but, Santa already came to my house and brought me hard, cold cash. I am not complaining. Ray has no imagination when it comes to shopping for me so I'm gonna spend my Santa $$$ at AFTER Christmas sales. LOL! Ho-Ho-Ho!! I hope your Christmas is Merry, SJ. Love & Blessings!! xo

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." ~Charles Dickens

Serena said...

Oh, indeed it is, /t. Wishing you a joyous week of Christmas anticipation and a very pleasant visit from Santa.;)

Shoot, Marion, nobody in her right mind would complain about cold, hard cash. Maybe Santa will bring me some, in which case I can answer the siren call of the After Christmas Sales. Hope yours is merry, too. Are you going to go visit the kids and the little Grand Princess?

Lee said...

Yeah...worse luck!! ;)

Serena said...

I hear you, Lee. "Good" is vastly overrated.:)

G-Man said...

I'm always nice, but I get accused of being naughty!!

Serena said...

In many instances, naughty IS nice, Mr. G.:-)

Marion said...

Sadly, no, we're not going to Tennessee this year. My other daughter and her son are supposed to go to spend a week after Christmas with them. We're going to try to go visit in the springtime. I'm going to miss Mary Mace's 8th b-day on Christmas Eve...BUT, I sent her lots of sparklies in the mail. xo

Serena said...

I swear it's hard to believe that cihld is already 8 years old, Marion. I remember when she was born and it seems like no time. I'll bet you did send her some sparklies -- boatloads. Being Princess Dragonfly's grandbaby, she'll love them.:)