Monday, December 12, 2011

In the Cards myspace graphic comments

It was a cold weekend. Seasonably cold, I suppose; after all, it's supposed to be cold in December. It's still something of a shock to the system, though. Up 'til now, it's been pretty much consistently unseasonably warm.

The cold has served as a rather sharp reminder that I need to get my Christmas cards done. I know that a lot of people don't bother with cards any more, but I see them as a nice way of keeping in touch with people I seldom see or hear from. And who even knows if snail mail will still exist next year? Yep, I need to get those cards done.


Lee said...

We had a wet weekend here...which was great...rain was needed and the temperature was very pleasant for a summer temp!

I posted my Christmas cards today...and I patted myself on the back for doing so! ;)

Plus I bought a few rolls of wrapping paper - I'm getting serious!!!

G-Man said...

I'll be expecting A Deer card...

Serena said...

Good job, Lee! You'll have those gifts wrapped before you know it.:)

Mr. G -- yes, deer.:)