Friday, December 30, 2011

Bring It, 2012

Today, we celebrate TGIF. Tomorrow night, we ring in a brand new year. It's a two-day celebration, folks, so do it up in style!

Your Year Was a "C" Year

When it comes right down to it, your year was pretty average. It was okay.

It wasn't the best of years, but it wasn't the worst of years either. You are sort of relieved it's over though.

Here's hoping that next year is significantly better, or at least better than ever.

Remember that the new year can be a fresh start. Try to embrace the idea of starting over a little.

You're going to love this! I know I did. Maybe it's the Scottish in me; I practically swoon at the sound of bagpipes. And the sight of kilts. myspace graphic comments


G-Man said...

Swooning at the sight of Kilts?
I'll have to start shopping for a Plaid Skirt, No ones ever swooned over me!
But I'd Die to be the object of favor from you!
You epitomize Southern Genteel, you are THE most beautiful woman I know. Thanks for putting up with me
Have a Happy New Year...Mr. Galen

Marion said...

Hell, yeah, bring it on. It's got to beat 2011 by a country mile!!! Have a very Happy New Year, SJ! xo

I Had an F Year

No need to sugarcoat this one... you had an absolutely horrible year. Possibly the worst of your life. It was the year when very little went right. There's not much to salvage from this one!

It may take you a while to recover from this year, but that's okay. You'll end up stronger from it eventually. Take a big breath, and prepare yourself for the coming year. Hopefully it's a big more manageable.

puerileuwaite said...

I propose a drunken, naked hang-gliding and bungie-jumping vacation for us in 2012 to ensure an A+ rating.

Anonymous said...


see you on the other side, dear

× × ×


Serena said...

I don't know what it is about bagpipes and kilts, Mr. G, that provokes primal instincts. They just ... do. Have a blissfully Happy New Year!:)

Sorry about your "F" year, Marion. I was surprised I didn't get an F, too. Maybe I lied just a teensy bit. LOL. Anyway, here's to a much better 2012. Happy New Year! xox

I'll have to pass on the bungie- jumping, Pugsley. I'm pretty sure that would make me throw up big-time. I'm up for the hang- gliding, though. Happy New Year, puppy!;)

Happy waning TGIF, /t., and may the other side of New Year's Eve prove to be an excellent year for both of us Happy New Year!;)

Kelline said...

OMG I know right? Nothing sexier than a man in a skirt!! woo woooooo!!! Your blog is fun and I'm just expecting to find a wheel of fortune on it eventually hehe!!!