Friday, November 18, 2011

The Friday Thingonmyblog

I swear, every day at work any more is like a trip to the zoo. Where the monkeys throw poo. Except the monkeys may be slightly more intelligent than a lot of what I put up with. Makes for what seem like exceedingly long work weeks.

You know that I am, therefore, so grateful for TGIF.

Have a great weekend. After you do the test, of course.

You Are Very Self Actualized

Your awareness is high. You notice everything - you are extremely detail oriented.

Your honesty is medium. You're somewhat open, but there are a few secrets you keep to yourself.

Your freedom is high. You need to be completely independent and free to do whatever you feel like.

Your trust is medium. You can trust others, but it takes a while for that trust to be earned.


Anonymous said...

now we all
are wondering about
those secrets you're keeping

inquiring snoops & busybodies want to know!


× × ×


Serena said...

The National Inquirer asked me the same question, /t. They got nada. Hope you've had a spectacular TGIF!;)

G-Man said...

Mazlow would be so proud of you Sherry.
Have a Stress Free Week-End

Fowl Ideas said...

I'm on a world wide search for people who have an even more disturbing view of humanity than I do.

Send me your opinions.

Serena said...

He might at that, Mr. K.:)

Some days I think humanity is overall pretty decent, Fowl Ideas. Other days, I think it's on a collision course with fate.:)