Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wayward Critters and Stuff

The wind has been ferocious since mid-day Sunday, so before taking the dog out late in the afternoon, I looked out the front window to see how hard the wind was blowing. I was chagrined to see what I thought was a big dog galloping down the side street, headed straight for the highway. By the time the animal reached the center line on the highway, I realized it was a deer. Thank God there were no cars coming at that particular moment!

Yesterday, I ran a couple of errands after work. Approaching a red light at a major intersection, I saw an older woman on the sidewalk with a Corgi walking beside her. It became clear in just a second that the dog wasn't on a leash and, sure enough, it walked off the sidewalk and in front of the cars stopped at the light. The woman looked like she didn't know what to do and seemed to be mouthing the words, "It's not my dog." Finally, she stepped off the curb as though to go after him, while I had one of those heart-stopping moments and put my hand over my mouth. And then, the girl at the wheel of the car in front of me opened her door and, lo and behold, the dog jumped in. It actually took him two tries, because he was a little fat. Then the light changed, and she drove off while the lady on the sidewalk went on her way. I don't know what happened. Either the girl got herself a rescue Corgi, or she'd been driving around looking for him and found him. Whichever, it was pure serendipity, in my book.

There were roses on my desk yesterday morning -- from the elderly boss. He apparently had one of his softer moments for Valentine's Day.

And now, yep, the girl's got Spring Fever. You?

Your Spring Sense is Sound

You love the way the sounds change during the spring time. It's like the whole world is waking up.

First the birds start chirping. Then the kids start playing. Before you know it, life is back in full swing again.

You are observant, thoughtful, and even philosophical. You like taking the time to pay attention to things.

You notice the little details that everyone else seems to overlook. And your memories tend to be extremely vivid.


snowelf said...

Happy Valentine's day Serena! I'm glad Spring is coming your way!! We went out rollerblading on Saturday cause it was 72 degrees here! Whoo hoo! :)

Hopefully the little Corgi is home safe and sound.


Serena said...

And a happy belated Valentine's Day to you, Miss Snow. Yeah, I hope the little fellow got home safe and sound, too. Your warm temps should be here by the weekend, and I can't wait. For now, I think I'll scarf down some (okay, a lot) candy hearts -- and maybe get too fat to rollerblade.:)

G-Man said...

Roses from the Boss?
What next, stay after work?
Take dictation?
If he asks you to accompany him to Blacksburg I'd be a bit leary!!

Enjoy your Candy Hearts, and I'm so glad you didn't witness a Doggie Smashing!!

Serena said...

Oh, shoot, Mr. G., it wasn't that big a deal -- 2 roses in a bud vase with some greenery and baby's breath. It was nice of the old dude to do it, though. You'd better pray he never has to depend on me to get him from one town to another. Between me being directionally challenged and him being senile, they'd have to send out a search party.:-)

G-Man said...

Two Words... Rand McNally!!

Serena said...

Welllll, Mr. G. -- he can't comprehend what he reads and I can't read maps. Now what?:P

quid said...

Your Spring Sense is Sight
You can't help but be moved by the beauty of spring. The whole world changes in front of you.
You love every green shoot and every blooming plant. It's like a picture is being colored!

You are artistic and very visual. If spring hasn't inspired you to paint or draw yet, some day it probably will.
You always give yourself time to stop and take it all in. Nature is truly an amazing thing.

Loved the corgi story!


Serena said...

According to your results, you love spring as much as I do, Quid. I'm just glad the Corgi story had a happy ending.:)