Monday, January 03, 2011


It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.
~William Shakespeare

They say that some things, you just have to take on faith. And if I am not mistaken, much of that theorem is contingent upon blind faith. When do you know that your faith is not misplaced? How can you be sure you're not suffering from delusion? Is there some arcane "finish line" you cross and it's then announced that your faith was either (a) right on target or (b) you win the booby prize? How in this world do you know?

We are asked to take so much on faith.

This won't hurt.
You won't even notice.
You'll never even miss it.
Everybody else is doing it.
I'm from the government.
We're just friends.
It's a great deal.
Trust me.
It's for your own good.

So much. It's frankly scary sometimes.


Skunkfeathers said...

Since I don't know anyone named Faith, I don't have to risk taking anything on or off her, 'specially if she takes offense therebyfrom...

But have a great New Year, Serena, faith aside ;-)

G-Man said...

Trust me...I'm from the Gov't.!
How about that one in the same sentence?

...And whatever happenned to Hope And Charity?

Wasn't Blind Faith a group of the early 70's with Eric Clapton and Stevie Winwood?

Serena said...

I guess we have to take it on blind faith that it'll be a good New Year, Skunk. Let's hope so!

Stay tuned for Hope & Charity, who you probably also don't know.:)

Serena said...

If you're from the gov't, Mr. G., I'm zipping my lip and pleading the Fifth.

Hope & Charity will show up later, at intervals.

I think Ginger Baker was also in Blind Faith, wasn't he?