Friday, November 19, 2010

Serena's Friday Playdate

Serena feels like playing today. Finally! And finally, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, it's TGIF. Have a happy one!

This might, in a pinch, be true of me under full moon psychosis. Otherwise, what a total crock! You might have a little fun with it, though.

You Are a Coy Flirt

You may not seem like you're flirting, but you know exactly what you're doing.

You draw people in, very calculatingly, without them even knowing.

Subtle and understated, you know how to best leverage your sex appeal.

A sexy enigma, you easily become an object of obsession.


Marion said...

Happy TGIF! It's cloudy and cold here. Brrrrrrr. I hope you have an excellent weekend. Blessings!!

You Are a Cheesy Flirt

You think flirting is fun, but it's not something you take super seriously. You're more likely to bust out a funny pick up line than try to be sexy. And because you keep people laughing, you definitely light up a room. And while your flirting style is pretty cheesy, it does work!

Serena said...

No clouds here today, Marion, but it's definitely nippy. Your flirting style sounds like such fun! Have a great weekend yourself, and save me some of that sweet potato souffle I know you're gonna make.:)

/t. said...

i'm here
for the babes


× × × & <3


Jingle said...

lovely capture....
well done.

G-Man said...

A Coy Flirt?
I KNEW IT!!!!!!
I thought I was just imagining things...
Nice to see you back Serena Joy!

snowelf said...

Maybe I'm coy too...maybe that's why creepychris couldn't control himself around me?

Happy weekend at last!!


Serena said...

And the babes are always pleased to see you, /t. Have a Happy Weekend!;)

Well, of course, Galen. Not your imagination at all.;)

I just don't know about creepychris, Snow. I think he misread the signals all the way around. There are probably 1-900 numbers for what HE'S looking for. Enjoy your weekend, girlie!:)

/t. said...

1-900 numbers...


× × ×


Serena said...

Yeah, those numbers appear to be quite popular with a lot of folks, /t. I've heard that some of them are manned by little old blue-haired great-grannies, though. LOL.

Skunkfeathers said...

I always miss when I'm being flirted with; just the other day at work, some pensioner asked me if I was 'game' to go home with her and push her walker. I responded indignantly, "whadda I look like, an elk?"

No score again.

Serena said...

LOL, Skunk. It was just a bad day to score.:)