Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Week's Best E-Mail

I'm going to the doctor today to get my sutures removed, and I expect to receive instructions on when I can do what. Hopefully, I'll be back doing what I normally do in another few weeks.

I had a good talk with my boss yesterday, and I do still have a job waiting. They're even willing to get me more comfortable furniture or whatever other "accommodations" I might need when I get back to work. My boss said he had argued with the Workers Comp adjuster about their denying my claim, to no avail. Now, he's going to compile a list of good Workers Comp attorneys for me.

The week I had my accident, one of the staff was on vacation and only two of us were working. When I got hurt, that left one woman there by herself. Yesterday, the boss told me that the woman who was working with me that week is out because her mother died, so now there's once again only one staff member. And the other boss's secretary who has been out sick for so long isn't coming back because now she's in the hospital again, this time with MRSA. They're looking for someone to replace her. The poor guy said he's starting to believe the place is cursed.

And now on to the week's funniest e-mail, which was actually an old one sent to me by Galen and still in my in-box. It's still funny, though.

Happy Wednesday, and Happy Hump Day!

How To Be Cruel to Old Guys



puerileuwaite said...

Looks like you picked a fine time to leave them, Lucille.

dons_mind said...

glad you're feeling better...hope your workers comp troubles go quickly and smoothly....hey, is it only me that gets a user name/password request to log in when i visit your site?

G-Man said...

I feel so bad for you and your body metal!
Please be careful.
Plus...I cant see below line 2 on the Eye Chart...????

Serena said...

I guess I did, Pugsley. Aren't you glad my name ain't Ruby?;)

Thanks, Don. About the user name/password, I have no idea! I've never seen that before. Not on my site, anyway. How odd!:)

Don't feel bad, Galen. It's okay. It does occur to me that if I were going to be sporting metal, I should have gotten lots of piercings done at the same time. LOL. You can't see that eye chart? You ain't THAT old.;)