Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Little Secret

Yeah, you thought I was going to blab something scintillating, didn't you? Not today, folks! Life in general is crazy and dysfunctional but, alas, there just ain't that much scintillation going on. Maybe one of these days. One can but hope.

The only secrets being revealed today are your results of this little quiz. Do that, tell all, and have a fabulous Tuesday!

Can you keep a secret?

My Quiz Result: You are good at keeping a secret. Everyone can trust you with their secrets.

Take this quiz: Can you keep a secret?

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G-Man said...

I can keep a secret!

Did I say anything about that bank heist in Danville?

Hows about those 20 or so parking tickets that you have piling up in Salem?


Skunkfeathers said...

When it's a secret needs keepin', not only can I keep it, I frequently FORGET IT ;) Advantages to gettin' older...

Serena said...

Yep, Galen, you've got your lips zipped up tight. No secrets coming outta there!:-)

LOL, Skunk. That's why I'm so good at secret keeping, too; I forget the dang things pretty dang fast.:)

Lee said...

"You are good at keeping a secret. Everyone can trust you with their secrets."

I kinda already knew the result anyway. Gossip doesn't interest me, nor does passing it on. I usually brush off gossip and move onto another subject or just leave the company of the person spreading it...giving no excuse for doing so. Although I remember one time firmly telling a gossip monger to button up as I wasn't in the least bit interested in what she was babbling on about! I left her standing with her mouth open and eyes agog!

As for secrets...I tell no one nuttin'!

puerileuwaite said...

Darn. So much for revealing your "Pug Shrine" to the world.


Serena said...

Good life rules, Lee.:)

But Pugsley, it's a ... secret.;)

Anonymous said...

It depend son what kind of secret.
Yes, I can keep it in general, but how long...

smart questions,
it makes people think about life in more depth.

Happy Wednesday!

Serena said...

Hi, Jingle, and Happy Wednesday to you as well!:)