Monday, February 08, 2010


The view out my patio door Saturday morning

I guess it was more like mini-Snowmageddon here since we didn't get socked nearly as bad as many other places. We only got about 9" of new snow. But it was bad enough, as my achy muscles will attest after having to get out there -- AGAIN -- yesterday to dig out my car. My dog-walking duty has been a pain, let me tell you, but it had to be done. Whatever goes into the dog must come back out of the dog. The poor little thing pooped on newspapers indoors all weekend since she seems to have gone on strike and refused to squat in snow taller than she is. I can't say that I blame her.

If I find myself trying to work in an unheated building again, today, I'M going on strike. Seriously.

Y'all have a Magnificent Monday!

These oddly beautiful icicles were hanging off my patio last week.


Marion said...

I feel for you, I really do because I hate the cold! One of my Canadian blog friends was bitching about how warm it was there, 46 degrees! I told her to look South because that's where her snow and cold went. I hope it gets better soon, but I heard it was going to be back in the 20's here later this week. OY! Blessings!

Skunkfeathers said...

We got two days of winter, with mid 40s due later in the week; we got one fifth the amount of snow that DC got; then again, DC needs to hope that when it melts, it cleans things up there...nyuk nyuk.

Drive careful now, y'hear?

Serena said...

I know, Marion, what is with Canada?! I'm thinking that's where we should head. We have more frozen crap coming in the A.M., and again Saturday-Sunday. I have HAD it!:)

Your winter sounds like what we've been used to here for years, Skunk. Sneaky little twit ran away, and I mean to haul it back home.:)

g-man said...

Hey...That looks like one of them solar lanterns!
They sure are neat if they work right!.
Y'all look like you live in a nice outhouses!
None that I can see anyhow...:P

quid said...

Whatta winter! It's almost unbelievable.


Serena said...

Oh, for heaven's sake, Galen, we don't put our privies on the front lawn.:-)

I know it, Quid. It's gotta end sometime, right?:)