Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

You can take a crack at these examples of Words Gone Wild blasfomy if you're so inclined.


Somebody finally dug Boss Lady out of her snowy mountainside driveway yesterday, so she made an appearance at the Fiery Pit. Her insanity (other than her self-proclaimed "emergencies") don't bother me much any more, because I simply pay no attention to her and her BS. But she's found another way to make my life miserable -- freezing me! Her husband came in with her week before last and declared that it was too hot in there. He turned the thermostat down to 65 and they both issued an edict that nobody was to touch it. Therefore, we nearly froze to death last week. It was especially bad upstairs where I work because it's a drafty old house with ancient windows and the vents don't put out much of anything. I worked all last week with my coat on and those little hot packs that hunters use plastered all over my body. We seized the opportunity this week and cranked the heat up, but that came to a screeching halt yesterday afternoon when Boss Lady darkened the doors. My coat went back on. Today, I'm sporting Yeti-like attire -- camisole, two bulky sweaters, and thick socks. God, I love my job.


snowelf said...

oh yikes!!! I am uber cranky when I am too cold--I loathe being cold! Are you allowed to bring in your own space heater??


Serena said...

Noooooo, Snow. Space heaters would make the ELECTRIC bill go up.:)

G-Man said...


Serena said...

White, actually, but my "under" sweater was pink. My goodness, you're a curious man, Galen.;)

VE said...

You should start a camp fire...that won't drive up the electric bill...

Serena said...

Don't think we haven't thought of that, VE.:-)

live3054 said...
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