Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So This is Tuesday

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Yesterday at the office was like feeding time at the zoo. Even Skank Girl was screaming about the insanity so, yep, you know it was bad. A paradigm for parity, it ain't. And the clock is winding down...

I have music for you today. Some people think my musical tastes indicate that I'm in my dotage. I beg to differ, and I don't really care what they think. She likes what she likes!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


G-Man said...

I thought you were gonna play your Lawrence Welk video?

You are so unpredictable!

/t. said...

does not agree

the monkey is disagreeable

an agreement with the money is perhaps not possible


× × ×


Serena said...

Perhaps in my next life, Galen. I can assure you there will be NO Lawrence Welk in this one. That's predictable enough to take to the bank.:-)

But you will agree that you do like monkeys, yes, /t.? Happy Tuesday, whether you take yours with or without monkeys.;)

Roxan said...

The first music I was exposed to was my brother's 45 collection of 50s music. Now its 2009 and I've been exposed to sixty plus years worth of great music. I remember my mom listening to "Sentimental Journey" on the radio.
Loved the video btw. One of my favorites is Out Loud by Dispatch. Look it up if you get a chance.

Serena said...

Roxan, growing up, I spent much of my allowance on 45s. 60s music. It was superb -- as was 50s and earlier -- but there's some great stuff today, too. I will definitely look up Dispatch, see if I've heard 'em in action.:)

/t. said...

i prefer
my tuesdays
monkey free, sj...
on this we can agree


Serena said...

Then there shall be no monkey business, /t., to wreak havoc on the Tuesday festivities. Carry on!:-)